Lyn Liechty “CaveMan!”

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Lyn L. & Ron P.
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August 20, 2012


It takes a lot of hard work for an artist to grasp a hold on many talents, such as performing arts like theater and singing, and when all of us here at HIP Video Promo noticed these multi-faceted skills in artist Lyn Liechty from the first moment we met her. With music capturing an essence that creates energetic and creative flows, it is easy to see that this artist has worked up to where she now stands in her career. With talents surrounding theater experience and pop rock music, Lyn Liechty’s journey as an artist has proved to be significant over the years. In her video for “CaveMan!” we see all that Lyn Liechty was and has become as an artist.

It all began in Madison, Wisconsin, where Lyn began her love for music right at the beginning of her life. Not a day passed where this budding artist didn’t include music in her life by giving performances from school talent shows to right there in her very own living room! With a major in Voice and Theater from Interlochen Arts Academy of Michigan, she headed to New York City to continue to spread her love for the arts. There she auditioned and successfully played the role of Ellen in a European rendition of Miss Saigon. Not only had she earned herself a change of scenery in Europe, she also had to learn German for the part. With rapid positive changes occurring in Lyn’s artful journey, she landed the leading roles in blockbuster productions such as Dance Of The VampiresJekyll & Hyde and Dracula. Furthermore, Lyn has toured with and recorded the Dianne Warren song “Here In My Heart” with the world renown Scorpions, in addition to working with various other talents including Roman Polanski, Jim Stienman, Frank Wildhorn, Uwe Farhenkrog Peterson (99 Red Balloons) and Pierro Mozzaccetti. Today she has taken on the pop scene by storm with her debut single “CaveMan!”

“CaveMan!” is a salute to various artists who have worked their hardest to achieve a balance between theater performance and the pop rock world. Here we see Lyn Liechty performing all forms of her art. From her sexy cavewoman outfits to her fitting cavemen followers, she presents an uplifting song that is meant to encourage artists to create music that is both loveable and moving. Throughout the video, we watch as Lyn transforms herself from performer to musician. Like all great artists, she shows her viewers the power of music and commitment. The video constitutes who she is as an artist, and spreads her ideas on inspiration to every contemporary musician.

We’re very excited to be working closely with such an accomplished artist and hope that you share in our excitement and include “CaveMan!” in your programming. If you need anything at all, please drop us a line and we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen. You can reach us at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also for more info on Lyn Liechty.

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