Lyrika Holmes “Attention”

Lyrika HolmesArtist:
Lindsay Adler
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February 22, 2011


Hello programming comrades, it’s Andy Gesner and the staff at HIP Video Promo with a one of the most unique and exciting hip hop artists you will have the pleasure of grooving to all year. We are, of course, speaking of Lyrika Holmes and her shiny new clip “Attention.” Just as the title suggests, this is exactly what this high budget and high talent video demands. Lyrika Holmes is a world renowned harpist that has shared the stage with some of greatest legends in soul music history including Aretha Franklin as well as artists like Howard Hewitt, Paula Michelle, Laura Izibor, Joe and Phil Perry. This innovative artist has performed all over the globe, with the most recent excursion at a high profile event in Shanghai, China. Lyrika is to the electric harp as what Jimi Hendrix is to the electric guitar. Now she is ready to use her harp chops and blend it seamlessly into the world of hip hop.

To match her musical prowess, the sultry songstress has employed the help of the well-known style and media group Kess Agency, the same folks responsible for working with hip hop’s uber-successful answer to Lady Gaga – Nicki Minaj. While the aforementioned artists rely on visual strategy and gimmicks to solidify their place in the universe, Lyrika Holmes takes the Alicia Keys approach, allowing her harpist persona to take the front seat. This combination of using image professionals and classical notions yields a most polished and elite result. The “Attention” video enjoys gorgeous cinematography without taking the attention away from the artist and her music.

“Attention” is a refreshing approach to the often polluted and over convoluted genre of urban pop. The electric harp provides a warm and fuzzy feeling to the song, lacing it with soulful acoustics to blend with the sample layers. It also helps that Holmes has one hell of a voice – one that reverberates with a most delicate rasp and manages gorgeous vibrato. While most of Lyrika’s contemporaries have to rely on overbearing autotune to hit their mark, Lyrika does so effortlessly. However, don’t let Holmes’ classical approach fool you; this pop-diva-in-the-making always minds her melody and hooks, disbursing them carefully throughout the entire track!

Lyrika is already making waves with the press. The Tri-State Defender raves that “Lyrika makes the harp look cool.” Skirt Magazine states that Lyrika has “a powerful voice, and makes the harp sexy!” Holmes has also been touring the nation in support of her releases, including the “Attention” single, as well as appearing on several morning radio shows. It is also because of her unique style, love for teaching, and passion for music, that she also recently received an endorsement fromHarpsicle Harps.

We are absolutely stoked to bring you something out of the ordinary once again! We’ve got lots of Lyrika Holmes items here for contests and giveaways, so don’t be shy about reaching out. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at  Lyrika Holmes