Makes My Blood Dance “Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)”

Makes My Blood Dance
“Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)”
Directed by Evan Russell Saffer/John Christian Polimeni
Alpha Centauri Records
Add date – 11/12/2021

About Makes My Blood Dance

Ready to truly have your heart racing? Makes My Blood Dance brings adrenaline-laced tracks to the center stage. The electrifying disco-metal band features lead vocalist and founder Evan Russell Saffer and guitarist/synth player John Polimeni. Founded on genuine authenticity, Saffer and Polimeni have cultivated their unique brand from the ground up. From their humble beginnings of hustling to book gigs to their growing success selling out venues, Makes My Blood Dance captures audiences with their unique approach to metal. Rather than utilizing anger to fuel their discography, Saffer and Polimeni have focused on power to drive their head-banging sound. The duo draws inspiration from the most powerful lessons of life, exploring themes of spirituality, recovery, and tolerance. Traverse through melodic mayhem and cascading guitar shreds with every track Makes My Blood Dance releases.

About the video

Fusing the familiar and the new, Makes My Blood Dance revisits a classic for their upcoming live album, Live at Smash Sound Stage NYC, giving us “Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version).” The bandmates rigged cameras and mics during their performance at the venue to capture their raw sound and thrilling stage presence. “Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)” is a look at how honesty remains at the level of our burden and that forgiveness can set us free. The emotionally charged performance is interwoven with footage from the original music video that tells the story of an abused boy being liberated from his torment by opening himself up to someone who understands him. This rendition breathes new life into a classic Makes My Blood Dance track, blending disco, glam, electropop, and metal for an all-around, rockin’ experience.

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