Manika "I Might Go Lesbian" (feat. Tyga)

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October 26, 2015


When we brought you the “B.Y.O. Bugatti” video from Makina, we introduced you to a sizzling hot singer, rapper, songwriter, composer, producer, reality TV host, and published author! She’s attracted the attention of not only the music industry but the entertainment industry as well, which is what set her up for her most recent collaboration with possibly the hottest rapper on the planet right now, TYGA! These two have come together to unleash the top 40 charting single that is both sensual and sensational, “I Might Go Lesbian.”

Manika doesn’t pull any punches with her new single for “I Might Go Lesbian.” She’s sick of men. Like, really sick of men and all of the games that they play. She’s been used, lied to, cheated on, and the entire list of indiscretions that guys are known to do. Her solution? Try the other side. The soft, sensitive, and beautiful women of the world. A beauty like herself could pretty much take her pick! But her famous friend TYGA has different ideas. He’s right there to tell Manika that what she’s really been missing is a REAL man. These other guys have only been trailers, and he’s the feature-length film!

The setting of the video features Manika being showered with affection from both genders throughout a sprawling, palatial estate, each looking to score her heart, as well as showing the nonsense that got her there. It’s no wonder they’re both so eager to get her on their team. TYGA is there is there to try to set the record straight, but Manika has a tough choice ahead of her! As always and no matter what happens, she is in complete and dominant control!

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