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April 21, 2014


Drawing from a broad and bold palette of influences–ranging from Baroque and Broadway to pop and folk–singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Marya Stark creates a unique and enchanting sound that is difficult to categorize but impossible to ignore. HIP Video Promo is proud to introduce the mesmerizing new clip for her latest single, “Crossroads.”

Born in Arizona and currently residing in Santa Cruz, CA, Marya Stark was enamored with music from a very young age and began writing her own songs at 14. Using music as a vehicle to connect to the world around her, Stark went on to earn a degree in Music Therapy–a pursuit that has expanded and energized her own art. Her latest album, The Garden, has received glowing reviews since its 2012 release, praised for its stunning arrangements, emotional complexity, and Stark’s striking vocal skills.

All of these attributes are clearly on display in “Crossroads,” a work of dynamic and devastating beauty that instantly draws you in with its quietly haunting melody and then slowly builds to a soaring orchestral climax. Every layer serves to accentuate Stark’s powerful yet ethereal vocal which never ceases to captivate and command the performance.

Somehow, director Cohen was able to create a video as visually ambitious as its source material. With a winding narrative that spans a wide range of emotions and landscapes, it is nothing short of compelling. A feast for the eyes, the expertly-shot clip features–among other things–horses, wolves, magic, and two lovers bound by fate across time.

Marya Stark is clearly a major talent on the verge, and HIP Video Promo is here to help her powerful sound and vision reach audiences everywhere. For more information on this artist and the video for “Crossroads,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732) 613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info.

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