Michael Little “Yesterday”

Michael Little
Directed by Curtis Little
Mirahj Music
Add date – 1/12/2024

About Michael Little

Michael Little is living proof that it is never too late to start following your dreams. After a decade of producing music for other artists, the Houston-based music producer decided to focus on creating and crafting his own sound. Little has described his genre as a fusion of urban and soul and has stated that his goal is to avoid emulating other artists and to create his very own unique sound. He has attributed artists such as Prince and Keith Sweat among his biggest influences, specifically noting a personal connection to Gerald Levert that he holds dear. Following the release of these debut singles, Little plans on putting together a full-length album to cement this second stage of his music career.

About “Yesterday”

Yesterday” is Michael Little’s debut single and passion-filled ode to his girlfriend. Becoming a widow after eleven years of marriage, Little found new love from within his church group. After three years together, he has found a way to put his emotions and feelings together in a compelling, soulful track. Through the use of moving beats and flowing rhythms, Little expresses his love for his girlfriend, letting the world know that she is the reason why he has been able to make it this far. With the context of his past, the song also serves to convey to the audience that love persists and always knows how to find its way back after a loss. It is nearly impossible to listen to “Yesterday” and not want to shed a tear while slow dancing with your own significant other.

About the “Yesterday” music video

Directed by Curtis Little, the music video for “Yesterday” is as steamy and passionate as it’s the song itself. The video shows Michael Little singing and performing intimately with the subject of his ballad. The video makes full use of colors to reflect their emotions; such as red to represent love when they are dancing together, and blue when they are separated and lonely. It also goes the extra mile by using post-production to edit a surrealness to the production, giving the audience a sense of dream-like wonder about the relationship. The two are ultimately able to recreate and accompany the emotion that the track itself is already conveying.

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