Myd “Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco)”

“Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco)”
Directed by Alexandre Nart
Ed Banger Records / Because Music
Add date – 11/12/2020


About Myd

Many popular musicians harbor a similar fantasy: they’d like a talented animator to capture them in two-dimensional color and immortalize them as live-action characters. Not all musicians lend themselves to this: they lack the charisma and peculiar traits that might guide the animator’s hand. But there’s no such trouble for producer Myd and singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco. Myd’s blue sunglasses, mustache, and perpetually bemused expression and Mac’s gap-toothed smile and dangling cigarette are immediate identifiers for the artists’ audiences. These two make an unforgettable pair, and artist and filmmaker Alexandre Nart have turned them into irrepressible cartoons.

Nart’s style, indebted to ’80s Saturday-morning TV shows but spiked with modern irreverence, is a perfect match for “Moving Men (feat. Mac DeMarco),” a collaborative song written by Myd and featuring Mac in the spirit of fun and camaraderie. Myd is a tirelessly playful and innovative beatmaker whose work with Alonzo, Kanye West, Theophilus London, SCH, and other well-known recording artists has made him a man in demand. Mac DeMarco, whose five laid-back, mischievous, stoner-friendly, slyly-incisive albums have endeared him to indie rock listeners worldwide, needs no introduction. “Moving Men” follows the Here Comes The Cowboy full-length, released on the artist’s own Mac’s Record Label, and reached the U.S. Top Ten. 

About “Moving Men”

Fans of Cowboy will be right at home with “Moving Men,” a sunny-day, feel-good, groove-heavy slice of electronic pop. Myd keeps the beat club-friendly and contributes the radiant synthesizers and gauzy vocal effects that have been signatures of all of his productions. But the elements familiar to fans of Mac’s music are present, too: a whistled hook, a relaxed, strummed guitar, a disarming, winning lead vocal, and a feeling of overwhelming approachability. It’s music of uncommon friendliness – music you’re going to want to invite into your life.

About the video

Alexandre Nart’s cartoons are like that, too. They’re at once familiar and strange, childlike and grown-up, busy with detail and crisply focused, filled with references to old movies, ’80s band posters, vintage magazines, action figures, and our collective imagined past. Because his cartoons have been featured on MTV, the BBC, Pitchfork, and other media outlets, there’s a good chance you’ll already be familiar with his distinctive style and attitude. For the “Moving Men” animated clip, he imagines Myd and Mac as endearing reprobates, wreaking havoc in their moving van, occasionally pinching precious artwork from the homes of their clients, eating gyros, and hanging with their buddy, an anthropomorphized box. Of course, they take time to rock out, too. It’s all amusing, highly colorful, and loaded with Easter eggs for fans – like a fast-food restaurant serving a “Myd Mac.”

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