Nash “Marathon”

Mak Azubike
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January 19, 2016


Former Rap/R&B ghostwriter, Nash, is a New Jersey based rapper, singer and songwriter. No stranger to the music industry from behind the scenes – having written for artists such as Mary J Blige – Nash finally steps into the spotlight as an indie artist ready to prove himself as not only a writer but as a performer as well. His newest offering comes in the form of the sultry new jam titled “Marathon.” It’s a hypnotic and tantalizing display of 808’s and euphoria.

In order to create his vision, Nash dipped into his deep pool of contacts and enlisted Brooklyn’s U’Kno Tha Don. Once paired together the two combine their skill sets to create a jam that hangs it’s verses out behind the beat and then shifts it into overdrive for choruses that accelerate to a new sense of urgency. The beauty of the song is the subtly with which it all operates. The changes are not overtly dramatic, rather well-timed and brilliantly executed to achieve a profound feeling of peaks and valleys.

“Marathon” is a seriously smooth video in every way. The lighting is mysterious and dark, creating a steamy atmosphere for Nash and UKno to seduce, worship and please their ladies. The pace is slow and deliberate, making sure that every step of the process is played out for maximum effect. Make no mistake, however, these ladies are equally confident and in control of the situation. They are impossible to resist and the ritual between the sexes produces some seriously sensual moments! In between the passionate interactions both Nash and UKno take turns hitting the camera with their lyrical skills, matching the passion and determination of the video itself. It’s a wild ride, you might want to sit down for this one. 

The entire HIP crew is excited to be working closely with Nash to help spread the word of this fellow Jersey resident!  He’ll also be running his own commercials for “Marathon” during episodes of BET Jams so keep your eyes peeled. This man is everywhere! We are here to do whatever we can to help assure this video gets into your programming. Please don’t hesitate to contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email for more info.