Nomis Alekesn “My Own World”

Nomis AlekesnArtist:
Koichi Take, Nomis Alekesn
Add Date:
July 2, 2014


When we brought you his brooding clip for “Indigo Child,” we brought you into the world of Nomis Alekesn, an artist who lives and breathes music. He’s a man who prefers to let the music do the talking, rather than trumping up his own accolades. For his video “My Own World” Nomis brings us deeper into his psyche, helping us understand through the power of his music what he is all about.

In the few words he says about himself Nomis says “I love the world, love the universe and you all are my brothers and sisters until you deem otherwise. I live free, guided only by my own morals and convictions.” It was an epiphany that began when he threw away the endless efforts to please the masses and focused on making the music he wants to make. First came “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” then came “Indigo Child,” a brooding and esoteric clip that shone a light on both the bright side of his musical skills, and also the dark side of his own internal strife. 

For his newest clip “My Own World” we continue our journey on the path begun with “Indigo Child.” This time, however, Nomis aims to hit us all right over the head with the power and energy he possesses. With a backbeat and low end that can be felt in your sternum, and a distorted guitar laying down the foundation, Nomis spits a delivery that emphasizes not only his lyrical prowess, but also his smooth flow. This black and white video shows Nomis and his crew hanging in a nondescript field while letting out their aggressions on one another. It may seem brutal, but in reality is a form of release shared between friends. Nomis says he’d “rather you listen to the music and let the energy I pour into every song speak to you.” With a perfect visual compliment to the fury put forth by “My Own World” we are certain that we will all walk away from this with a better understanding of Nomis Alekesn.

We are very excited to be working with Nomis Alekesn once again to bring you his own unique musical methodology. We know you like to support original artists, and this is your chance to back this excellent artist. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit

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