Nya “Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

“Won’t Pick Up The Phone”
Directed by Grant Spanier
Add date – 7/7/2021

About Nya and “Won’t Pick Up The Phone”

Step by confident step, song by dazzling song, entirely on her own terms, Nya is winning the hearts of the pop audience. Since her debut, the Florida-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has given us nothing but magnificent material, whether jazzy and sultry or mesmerizing, gorgeous acoustic tracks. Her candid recent single “Dark Places” made manifest her struggle with inner demons. Other recent releases include “Uphill”, “Don’t Make Me”, and “High”, which just hit #25 on the Mediabase Adult Contemporary national radio play chart. These songs showcased her appealing, identifiable personality, unquenchable energy, and remarkable vocal talent. Now, with “Won’t Pick Up The Phone,” her new single, she puts all the pieces together and delivers the most spellbinding track of her impressive career.

It’s safe to say that if you’ve ever liked a Nya recording – the effervescence of her early songs, the approachability of Hold On, the confessional intensity of her latest writing – “Won’t Pick Up The Phone” is going to speak to you, and powerfully. In tight, unsparing verse, delivered in her full, radiant voice, Nya lets you know that pain and suffering is calling for her, and although she’s tempted, she’s not answering.

Another talented young female artist is in the producer’s chair for “Won’t Pick Up The Phone”: the Grammy-winning Dutch-American musician Femke Weidema (LIEZA, Nikita Carmen, Jenn Bostic). She’s created a dream-drenched sonic environment for Nya to inhabit: one decorated with lush synthesizers, a spare, jazzy bass part, and skittering hi-hat reminiscent of hip-hop mixes. It’s poised, elegant, and pregnant with possibility, the sound of anticipation, held breath, and barely restrained heartbeats.

About the video

The clip for “Won’t Pick Up The Phone” is redolent of danger, too. Nya is alone in a house that may well be haunted — it’s stark and spooky by day and downright otherworldly by night. Director Grant Spanier, who has also worked with pop video visionaries Rosalía, Olivia Rodrigo, and Camila Cabello, knows how to bring a reverie to life. He fills the clip with unforgettable images: Nya floating through an orange grove on a mattress, the star tangled in telephone wire, tugged across the floor as she sings, a ride through a brutalist building in a glass elevator, and a striking, beautiful sequence outside a vintage phone booth. Wherever they go, pillow-feathers fall from the heavens like snow. That’s the surest sign that Nya is sleeping. But does she want to wake up? The video itself serves as a metaphor for a battle with inner demons: Nya is a little worse for wear, but – despite the forces that seek her submission (like the pull to pick up the phone and what that entails) she survives her battle, refusing to give in to the darkness.

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