Percy Way “In My Dreams”

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Percy Way
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October 29, 2014


Little is known about the mysterious singer/songwriter Percy Way. On his website, he modestly describes his sound as “a nice blend of pop and edgy rock guitars”, and a short bio gives us only a glimpse of the man himself. It describes him as a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been involved in a variety of musical projects over the years but has finally decided to take the reigns entirely: writing, recording, and producing his new solo project, in order to bring the songs into “a more intimate focus.” He has recently released a brand new single, and HIP Video Promo is pleased to present the simple and striking clip for “In My Dreams.”
With a distinctive and delightfully 80s feel, “In My Dreams” is a bouncy pop-rock gem that layers Way’s crunchy guitars and strong vocal hooks on top programmed drums and classic synth tones. Evoking the sound and spirit of the legendary David Bowie, Way poses the question, “Have you ever found yourself waking out of a dream / wondering how real it felt? / What’s the dream and what’s reality?” An ode to a precious memory, the song details an undying passion, and the relentless sweet reminders of a love beyond his grasp. “She keeps coming back to me” he sings. “Flesh and bones / in my dreams.” But despite this apparent torture, he almost seems thankful for these nocturnal encounters, as they are all he has left of this love.  With a hopeful voice, he sings in the chorus, “Just another kiss to wake me up.” With hooks to spare, we wager this song will soon be invading your dreams.
The memorable video begins with a closeup of Way’s face in black and white, as he recites the song’s opening line like a haunting poem before the music begins. As it continues, Way and two other actors provide a visual interpretation against a blinding white background.  Combining elements of black and white and color for striking effect, the video features Way (always in black & white) performing with his guitar, interspersed with shots of a young male and female (always in color) in dancing in elegant harmony. Way is with them but separate, much like a man observing a dream he cannot touch, perfectly accentuating the song’s theme.
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