Pilot Touhill “Fever”

Pilot TouhillArtist:
Pilot Touhill
Lombardo Records
Eduardo Ramirez
Add Date:
January 25, 2018


Residing in the Pacific sunsets of Southern California, Pilot Touhill is a solo artist on a mission to spread the good vibes. Singer/Songwriter & Animal rights activist, he is active in volunteering at local animal shelters & rescues as well as working with his favorite non-profit, Mercy For Animals, an organization focused on protecting farmed animals. 100% of the CD sales from his newest album “Quiet Now” will be donated to Mercy For Animals. Born in White Plains, New York, he has been able to take influence from his east coast upbringing and fuse it with the flow of the west coast aesthetic to create the Pilot Touhill sound. His newest single, “Fever” is a catchy pop smash with reggae sensibilities that will keep listeners’ heads buzzing with the hook for weeks on end.

An endlessly relateable song, “Fever” is about a boy forever on the chase of a girl who simply won’t put him first. Sang from the male perspective, the repetition of lines like “ain’t no other man” and “don’t wanna be your back door man” share the intentions of our transparent protagonist. Although to him it seems like their love is a sure thing, his muse thinks otherwise. This superbly produced track kicks off with innocent strumming on the ukulele which quickly provides summertime vibes. As it builds to the chorus, layers of honey-dripping harmonies, island inspired percussion and rich organs make their way into the mix, creating a musical bed for which the quintessential “Fever” hook to lay with confidence.

The “Fever” music video was shot at the picturesque Thousand Step Beach in Laguna Beach, California. Director Eduardo Ramirez put his vision to work, creating a visual stimulant that (especially this time of year) makes viewers miss long summer days, laying by the beach, and most of all, young love. Pilot Touhill tells the “Fever” story as he strolls down beach-side roads singing with his ukelele. The video wields such warm and welcoming imagery that re-enforces the Touhill vibe, sure to fill the void for people dreaming of better days.

We are absolutely ecstatic to provide the good vibes with such an uplifiting and inspirational artist as Pilot Touhill to bring you the “Fever” music video and see it included in your regular programming. Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do on our end to make that happen. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com for more info on Pilot Touhill.