Radio Birds “Wait For Me In The Fall”

Radio BirdsArtist:
Brett Felty
Add Date:
October 26, 2015


Radio Birds, from Atlanta, GA, are a band that don’t shy away from change and diversity. After all, this is a band that was originally a completely different act, who then changed their name and their sound in an effort to capture a truly honest approach to music. The dividends have paid off, with their album, Contemporary American Slang, winning over fans and critics alike. Their relentless touring schedule has only tightened up this dynamic act. The first video for “Hold On Me” was a barn burner, earning regular rotation on mtvU, so they knew for the follow up, “Wait For Me In The Fall,” they would have to double down on the conviction and dedication to their craft. And to the surprise of nobody, they have absolutely delivered.

“Wait For Me In The Fall” is Radio Birds at their finest. They’ve stripped their fuzz pedals and electric guitars in favor of the folk elements of their Southern roots. The song is a quiet, soulful piece that uses the silence and the intensity together as one to present a song that never peaks in a traditional sense. The conviction and passion in lead singer Justin Keller’s voice carries the melody over a bed of acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and minimalist percussion – with guest performances by folk/bluegrass violinist, Mark O’Connor, and by Will Turpin of Collective Soul on Wurlitzer. The song tugs perfectly at the heart strings, with an intensity usually reserved for songs of many more decibels.

In the new video for “Wait For Me In The Fall,” Radio Birds tackles the subject of racial tension and harmony through the eyes of undiscriminating kids and their friendship. The video begins with a young boy and girl enjoying each other’s company in the way only the innocence of youth can understand. They’re like two peas in a pod, except she is white and he is black and her father is having none of it. He is shallow and close-minded, but he is also a man of the cloth. The video moves into the church where the pastor delivers a fiery sermon to his flock, while Radio Birds plays the role of church band behind him. As the congregation reaches their emotional peak, the young boy reemerges in his Sunday best and in the blink of an eye the boy and girl are on the run together. A chase ensues as the “man of god” tries to end it, but some good-minded folks have some other ideas…

We’re very excited to be working with Radio Birds once again to bring you this fantastic new video. The band will be spending the next few months on the road in support of Contemporary American Slang, so please let us know if you’d like to come out and catch them live! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at for more info on Radio Birds.

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