Ragga Lox “Climbing To The Top”

Ragga Lox
“Climbing To The Top”
Directed by Mario Allen
Rtist4Rtist Ent.
Add date – 1/5/2024

About Ragga Lox

When someone finds their calling, the measures one will take to make their dream a reality, trump any challenges or obstacles that come along the way. At 16, moving from Jamaica to the United States, Ragga Lox found his sound and made it his goal to create for himself and others. Always staying on top of societal changes in the music industry while also balancing his life battles, Ragga has seen it all from converting his music on cassette tapes, to vinyl, and now into the digital age with streaming and easy-access internet. However, staying true to his message keeps him in the mindset to write music that will not only distract listeners from the everyday struggles of real life, but also help them understand and enjoy music that gives voice to the voiceless.


About “Climbing To The Top”

Ragga Lox’s latest album and title track, “Climbing to the Top” reflects his career as a musical artist. It is not easy to successfully show people who you are and what you do, but when you keep on moving, progress is made and the impact begins to grow. This is how Ragga feels about his approach through his time as a reggae songwriter; by consistently moving up and forward and reaching new limits. The transition from Jamaica to New York is the fuel for making his mark on the community that deserves to learn what he has learned. In the song, he explains that sacrifices are made to get to where you want to be and that the payoff is not always easily forthcoming.

About the video

Ragga’s “Climbing to the Top” meshes reggae and salsa by combining unique grooves, vibes, and swagger. It’s a banger, fusing energetic and fresh beats accompanied by his great dance moves as a glimpse into his everyday life. Throughout the video, the flashing bursts of light and color bring us into the life of a grinding creative. With lyrics and fast shots combined, the work Ragga has put into his music over the years directly translates into the sounds and lyrics people not only love to hear, but need to hear. Finding an opportunity is one thing, but to Ragga, it’s what you do with those opportunities that will have a lasting impact.

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