Raised On TV “Caroline”

Raised On TV
“Caroline” Music Video
Directed by Keaton Rogers and Victoria Greenwood
Add date – 02/21/19

About Raised On TV

Raised On TV began where every rock band should: in the garage. In 2015, brothers Keaton Rogers and Kacey Greenwood started banging out melodic, fuzzed-out tunes with high school buddy Ryan Weiss. They soon realized they had some seriously good songs, so it was time to get serious. One EP, one full-length, and more than a few DIY tours later, they are ready to release the Season 2 LP.

The first single, “Caroline,” is a driving, distorted call to never lose sight of the special things right in front of your face and never let the important things in life lose focus. Its loose yet locked-in verses recall the best of Teenage Fanclub and lift off into a rock-solid power pop chorus that’ll bounce around your headspace and take its own sweet time to leave. The guys knew they had a gem on their hands when they emerged from the aforementioned garage to find Ryan’s mom humming the song- and that’s a tough audience.

The band knew they needed to up their production game for Season 2, so they reached out to Grammy-nominated engineer Mark Needham. He’s produced tracks for Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons and Bloc Party, and is the guy who mixed the Killers’ double-platinum “Mr. Brightside” in 40 minutes. He liked what he heard and brought them into Hollywood’s Elephant In The Room studio.

About The Video

Keaton and Kacey’s actress sister, Victoria Greenwood, directed the video alongside Keaton. Here Raised on TV performs in front of surreal Technicolor projections for some classic 60’s psychedelic visuals. Throughout the clip, the guys find themselves in black-and-white, decidedly less dreamy situations – teaching school, working at a music store, doing the chores. We all need fantasy, but we have to remember that every day is still extraordinary.

It was a Green Day / Blink 182 show that convinced Keaton and Kacey to make the jump from acting in commercials and getting bit parts in movies to writing and rocking 3-minute bursts of high-energy pop. You can hear some Blink and Green Day in there, alongside some Weezer and, dare we say, a bit of the Beatles, but Keaton’s voice and melodies are distinctly his own.

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