River Becomes Ocean "What If I Stay" feat. Shane Told

River Becomes OceanArtist:
Carla Marbeouf
Add Date:
June 26, 2015


For a few years already we have witnessed important social phenomenons around music. Ten years ago most bands were basing their songs and music videos on an incessant search for fame and glory whereas, nowadays the use of music to protect or expose sociologic phenomenons and to promote a total commitment to a cause is more and more present on the social medias. It is along these lines that River Becomes Ocean have decided to create a music video in order to make aware the distress of many people and the danger of isolation and suicide.

In ‘What if i stay,’ Marvin McMahon wrote as much about love as he did about suffering. This song functions as a positive and supportive message for people that end up alone and those who are going through hard moments in life. River Becomes Ocean have always been sympathetic towards the topics of depression and suicide which sadly affect a monumental amount of people in our society, and these conditions and their sufferers are still too much of a taboo. They’ve even enlisted some high profile help by way of Shane Told of Silverstein, who helps to bring the song to a new level.

River Becomes Ocean have been following the incredible work of ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ for a few years now on their dedication to provide help to the people that need it the most and this is why they have decided to link this special song with them. On the website of River Become Ocean and at the end of the music video, a link will redirect you to the website of ’To Write Love On Her Arms’ in order for the viewer to discover or become aware of their work and possibly make a donation or contribution. The music video will also be presented on ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ website and we also hope it will be shown across the continent through your programming support.

It’s very exciting for us to have the opportunity to work with River Becomes Ocean, who would like to specially thank ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ for their important contribution to making the world a better place. It would be our greatest pleasure to help get this video into your programming, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email info@HIPVideoPromo.com .

River Becomes Ocean