Run 8 Rider “Thanksgiving Day”

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Sean Meehan
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April 17, 2013


HIP Video Promo is pleased to be working with Run 8 Rider, a band who has redefined their multitude of musical inspirations and have heightened the country music genre with their impeccable genius. The members have originated from Alabama, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, but have come together over their distances to bring the world a unique and classic sound. “Thanksgiving Day,” their new single, is a video clip that will touch your very soul through mesmerizing scenes led by Run 8 Rider.

The story of the music goes back to 2009 when Joel A. Nielsen and Billy D. (AKA Billy Radio) decided to play the song, “Wonderwall” by the English rock band Oasis. They had decided on giving the song an entirely different vibe, morphing their country roots into the verses and choruses, and what they found was that it sure felt all right! A few hours and a couple of Single Malts later, a demo was made with Sarah Nielsen on drums, a lefty drummer who was eight months pregnant at the time, and Nikky Beach on tambourine. Before long, a band of five had formed which included Joel and Sarah from Wisconsin, Billy and Nikky from Massachusetts, and Hoss (H. Mark Golden) from Alabama.

The original concept for the band Run 8 Rider and its first release Tenderfoot was to reintroduce classic rock songs in a distinctive country style. However, Run 8 Rider began to write their own songs and the album ended up with an even split of original songs and covers. The result is a “striking mix of tunes that range freely across the heartland of American music,” including a unique cover of “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas and “Faith” by George Michael. With inspirations such as The Eagles, Wilco, Keith Urban, Emmylou Harris, Elvis, and Johhny Cash, Run 8 Rider tells a unique story of their passion for music with their mesmerizing lyrics through lead vocalist Joel A. Nielsen. Their video for “Thanksgiving Day” translates these characteristics and shows music fans just what Run 8 Rider has in store.

The video clip is a passionate tune that speaks volumes about the power of family and its lasting memories. “Thanksgiving Day” gives off a somber, slow and sad vibe within the verses, but the string section of this song make for a cheery and heartwarming chorus. We watch as a man revisits old times with his family by watching movie reels from when his children were young. His wife has passed on, and the children have grown to have their own children. A sacred passing along of a penny keeps this family going and the idea of passing things along from generation to generation is a strong and current theme throughout “Thanksgiving Day.” The moment where the man must sell his house is sad, but we are reminded of how important memories are and what they can do for someone special.

Run 8 Rider presents folks with ideas and values that are important to their every day lives and they do so in a way that promotes the fun loving genre called country. Their clip for “Thanksgiving Day” highlights their ability to make great and lasting music, and what better way to express these abilities than to revisit a favorite holiday. For more information on this outstanding band, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit

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