Russell W. Howard “Everything’s Changing” & “Help”

Russell W. HowardArtist:
Dan Centrone
Michael Busalacchi
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August 3, 2012


Hello programming partners, it’s Andy Gesner and the crew from HIP Video Promo, proudly presenting two videos from an artist that creates music that is strictly lyrical, wrapped with distinct and meaningful rhymes. Contemporary hip-hop music contains a plethora of artists that create standard beats with classic approaches. Judging from the exterior of most artists, the rappers in the game carry a persona that is easily distinguished. However, rising hip-hop feign Russell Howard has a style like no other. With his rock star approach and hazy eyes, you would think he would open his mouth to produce a pop song. But with his rhythmic quality and soulful demeanor, we find that his lyrics and poetry are on top of the contemporary hip-hop game.

Russell W. Howard has a direct focus, which is that of music. Raised in Lower Merion, PA, Russell’s passion for music began at the mere age of seven with his first ever drum set. By just fifteen, Russell’s music producing-skills and rhythmic abilities landed him a discovery by the CEO of Ruffhouse Records, Chris Swartz. From then on, Russell was introduced to well-known hip-hop artists such as the Fugees and Cypress Hill. With inspirations from classic hip-hop veterans, Russell was able to build a liking revolving around motivational and inspirational hip-hoppers. As a producer, he has caught Kobe Bryant’s attention just before he landed himself in the NBA. As Bryant recorded a track, Russell was visited by hip-hop’s number one icon, Jay-Z. Being blown away by the musical quality of the beats, Jay-Z thus recorded tracks including “S. Carter” and “There’s Been a Murder.” This then led Russell to produce over three hundred tracks of collaborations with artists including DMX, Lupe Fiasco, and Paul Wall. While crafting his art of production, he began to perfect his own lyrics and rhymes.

Aside from his musical creativity and his stylistic approach to production, Russell Howard has been established as a composer for a number of television shows such as VH1’s Tough Love and ABC’s The Bachelor. He can also be spotted acting in shows like CSI: Miami. We see the clarity and balance between this triple threat’s creative abilities within the music video for “Everything’s Changing.” The song contains an irresistible and haunting hook within its chorus that shows that Russell Howard’s music is not a game. The video encompasses his feelings for becoming a rising hip-hop artist and he makes it clear that he is no fool. The video sheds light on the respectful side of Russell and gives listeners a chance to see the charming side of his lyrics and style.

In his second video presented as a bonus track called “Help” we see the darker side of Russell Howard and the struggles that exist pertaining to his musical career and personal life. Although we see him beating blood out of people and suffocating a young man who messes with drugs, we understand that this is a valued metaphor of where Russell Howard’s music comes from—the soul. “Help” is a direct homage to the classic film American Psycho and we’re confident that this video will leave you on the edge of your seat just like the film.

Russell Howard’s apability to produce, rhyme, and act are all presented to music listeners within the videos “Everything’s Changing” and “Help” and we’re thrilled to bring you these songs that encompass the art of creativity and show the true side of contemporary hip-hop. If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner at (732)-613-1779 or email .

Russell W. Howard