Sanders Bohlke "The Loved Ones (Live)"

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Joe Walker
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February 19, 2015


The music of Mississippi-based artist Sanders Bohlke is utterly unforgettable. One of the rising stars on burgeoning Birmingham, Alabama based record label Communicating Vessels (Wray, The Green Seed, The Dirty Lungs), Bohlke has carefully developed and honed one of the most distinctive sounds in music today. A spellbinding mix of Damien Jurado, Bon Iver and a singer/songwriter incarnate of Radiohead, Bohlke crafts exquisite, evocative songs that seem to project directly from his heart and into our ears. Following a prolific 2014, he’s kicking off 2015 with an all new five song EP entitled The Night and an awe-inspiring live soundstage video of his captivating performance of fan-favorite, “The Loved Ones” (from his 2013 album, Ghost Boy), accompanied by a powerful string arrangement written by artist Brooke Waggoner.

Filmed in just one take at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham, AL, this Joe Walker-directed live soundstage performance of “The Loved Ones” captures the true essence of what sets Sanders apart. From the subtle pastel lighting and crisp white button-up shirts to the beautiful, delicate string accompaniment, there’s an alluring elegance to the whole production that immediately draws you in and holds your attention until the very end. And, unlike most “live” videos, there was no studio wizardry used to enhance the look or sound – what you see and hear is as it was performed – a true testament to the extraordinary talent of this group of musicians. Fans of Sanders Bohlke will agree that this stirring rendition of “The Loved Ones” elevates the already beloved song to even greater heights.

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