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Jason Andrew Cart
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November 12, 2012


Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff proudly introduces a most powerful and moving antibullying campaign centered on up an coming teen artist, Sara Freiser’s newly released CD and music video, “Reflection.” Sara is dedicated to working toward ending bullying, a most common and serious problem for kids and teenagers throughout the world. Her “Reflection” video graphically portrays, in Sara’s own unique style, the disturbing nature of cyber bullying, and inspires great urgency to waster no time in starting to deal with these pressing issues. The videos’ tale and Sara’s emotional lyrics are spreading awareness for a great cause.

Sara Freiser is a writer, a singer, and an aspiring actress. her father, Manny Freiser, himself a writer/singer/producer (who’s production credits include this single) and a cherished HIP client himself with his video “Personal UFO’, proudly notes the genesis of this project: “Sara has been the target of severe bullying. Instead of giving up, as the bullies would have her do, she has become a brave ‘warrior princess,’ fighting back with the power tools of her songwriting and her voice to communicate her story in a manner that is both satisfying and fulfilling to her and, at the same time, hopefully helpful to so many others encountering similar circumstances.”

With a maturity and presence far beyond her fourteen years, Sara is the ideal candidate to be a spokesperson for the anti-bullying movement. Having experienced cyber bullying on its most severe level, Sara recognized that millions of other students just like her are fighting prevalent issue every single day. Earlier this year, Sara approached Jason Cart, to direct the “Reflection” video and help launch this campaign to combat cyber bullying in schools. The Indie Go Go program, in an endeavor to promote Sara’s cause, gave Sara and Jason the opportunity to upload an interview video to their site. In this interview, Sara expresses her own sufferings with cyber bullying and how fellow teens can help each other through it. As it turns out, Sara’s interview video on Indie Go Go reached a substantial audience, and she continues to work hard to get her message across in any available forum.

However, it is her inspiring music video “Reflection” which brings incredible meaning to her campaign. Sara’s haunting vocals and self-penned lyrics tell her passionate and personal story through compelling, mesmerizing sounds that float over disturbing visual images of bullying. The video is offered in two versions – one being the full-length, and the other, a shorter music clip. The full-length version includes a haunting, but sadly realistic introductory vignette that drives the story of the following music video. The videos’ poetic story line travels from Sara’s real world as a victim of bullying and sadness at school, to a beautiful imaginary landscape where she is free of her burden, and where scary shadows seemingly haunt her turn out to be disguised, scared bullying victims. In the compelling final scene, she has defeated bullying – for herself and others. Interestingly, the video’s cast includes Sara’s friends, some of whom used to bully her.

This strong and influential video is a virtual anthem for youth, but Sara Freiser’s maturely realized vocals and lyrics make “Reflection” rich and meaningful ‘mini-movie’ for every age group. The endless attacks of bullying that occur every day are real, and them seem to not be going away, but with an artist as passionate and powerful as Sara, it won’t be hard to get such an important message out to the public. For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also follow Sara on Twitter @SaraFreiser for more info on Sara Freiser.

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