Sarah Hackett “You Got Me”

Sarah HackettArtist:
Frederic Esnault
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August 27, 2012


The realm of pop music culture is based upon influence and commitment to dreams and that is what rising pop star Sarah Hackett believes in. With experiences in vocal coaching and developments revolving around performing for music listeners, this performer has watched her music career bloom and grow into a sturdy scene of confidence. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce an artist that fully stands behind a backbone of musical dreams within her video for “You Got Me.”

Sarah Hackett has been working on the art of music performance, being mentored over the past year by Andrew Lane. Sarah has teamed up with a number of vocal and music development coaches. Since then, she has been working on her music career. With her evolving skills in choreography and songwriting techniques, Sarah’s love for music keeps growing. She has learned a great deal of what is to be expected of a great entertainer. The video “You Got Me” helps to demonstrate what Sarah has become as an artist.

“You Got Me” is a video that represents the values and hardships of summer love. The setting takes place on a sandy beach where we see Hackett and her summertime love spending time together. The irony of the story is that Sarah’s song speaks about how a relationship can tear you apart and literally rip you open. The song is about the portrayal and display of your personality after a break-up has occurred. With an array of nighttime parties and tales from the surf, the video provides us with captivating moments and breathtaking words. To tie the plot of “You Got Me” together, Sarah Hackett’s lyrics progress into a singsong bridge that explains how pain comes and goes throughout love and loss, but it can only make you stronger. This type of mentality can be seen within Hackett’s performance techniques, and it is what is ultimately building her strength forward in the music industry.

It is easy to tell the difference between artists who have had a dream, or music performers who haven’t had much practice. However, the style and timely manner of Sarah Hackett’s musical capabilities show us that she is definitely talented and that she takes this talent to a whole new level. “You Got Me” is a song that introduces all that Sarah Hackett is as a music artist. Her eagerness and motivation shines throughout her performances, and she is truly a remarkable storyteller. Music has been a huge part of this star’s life, and it is only through time that we can watch her growth as an artist and a person grow into something big in pop culture.

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