Sarah Jaffe “Leaving The Planet”

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Jason M. Reimer
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November 19, 2014


When we last saw Sarah Jaffe in her melancholic and devious clip for “Lover Girl” she was playing the part of silent assassin, obeying the commands of a fashionably sinister cult leader portrayed by fashion icon Jane Strimple. For her new video “Leaving The Planet,” Sarah has kept her foot on the creative gas pedal, but this time she has soaked the stop motion clip with color and vibrance that would make Kevin Barnes proud!

But as we’ve learned over three full length albums, such is the nature of Sarah Jaffe to be a creature of constant recreation and pushing her own boundaries. Her journey from Suburban Nature through The Body Wins and now at Don’t Disconnect has been a linear one, never stopping to rest on her laurels or to go back to the same well more than once. Like Noisey pointed out on “Leaving The Planet” we are treated the best of both Sarahs; “Her vocals still deliver an airy intimacy, but she’s plugged in and ready to psych out, which the 28-year-old does, at the halfway point when shit gets loose and the bass drops in. Then the song breaks through the atmosphere and really takes flight.”

In order to match this audible treat, only a video of the most cosmic proportions would do the trick. The video revolves a reverse chronology, stop motion experience that follows a young couple on their own trip inside their own home, and perhaps inside their own heads. Sarah herself arrives on the scene as the pilot of her own UFO, in the vein of the classic sic-fi flick The Day The Earth Stood Still, ready to take this couple away on their cosmic journey. Juxtaposed with many vibrant shots meant to inject life into the clip, “Leaving The Planet” is exceptionally bold fun that is gets better with every viewing.

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