Sasha Lazard “Ode To Innocence”

Sasha LazardArtist:
Lena Chen
Add Date:
August 11, 2003


Sasha Lazard is a musical talent that recognizes no stylistic boundaries and defies easy characterization. A true chanteuse in the classical sense, this stunning, statuesque artist embraces the unbreakable link between genre-meshing, stylistic “high art” and organic, soulful passion. Though naturally beautiful and sophisticated, Sasha is a sultry dynamo live, balancing a funky, electric abandon with tension-ridden restraint.

“Ode to Innocence,” from Sasha Lazard’s debut CD The Myth of Red(Higher Octave / Omtown) is an exquisite song and video in all respects. Lazard possesses a powerful gift; a deeply expressive, yet finely tuned voice and an exquisitely nuanced sense of when and how to use it to best effect.

“Ode to Innocence” is not so much a music video as a miniature ballet, a pocket opera, a symphony in a suitcase. Lazard seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly blends folk, world music, dance beats, operatic and classical idioms into a bewitching melange. The song is quite capable of standing alone, but here it is spectacularly augmented by the physical artistry of The Pendulum Flyers, a subtle, crafty and breathtakingly athletic troupe of aerial dancers.

The video, directed by Lena Chen , splendidly manages the delicate balance between Lazard’s humble yet confident, yearningly prayerful delivery and the lushly physical, richly sensual performance of modern aerial acrobats. By stretching the very laws of physics to their limits, it is clear The Pendulum Flyers share Sasha and Lena’s earthy, ethereal and seductive vision of the “Ode to Innocence.”

Though here at HIP Video we are known as the “indie rock” video promoters of choice, we are extremely honored and humbled to be asked to be a part of such a high profile, high minded promotional campaign. It should also be made very clear that Sasha, being the gracious, charming and sincere beauty that she is, is available for autographed and personalized copies of her The Myth of Red CD, video IDs and video interviews when she is on tour. Seeing this woman perform live is an event completely worthy of your undivided attention! Big Thanks to Al Risi at Higher Octave Records for clearing the runway so we could take flight with this deserving new talent. Call Andy Gesner at HIP Video Promo at 732-613-1779 or e-mail for more info . To learn more , visit Sasha – the official site (Be sure to visit the photo lounge!)