SAYNT JAYSN ft. Jônelle “Take You Home”

SAYNT JAYSN ft. Jônelle
“Take You Home”
Directed by Dwight Miller
Add date – 8/11/2023


Canadian hip hop has been topping charts for years—but not many people know much about the scorching furnace that perfected acts like Drake and the Weeknd. Rapper SAYNT JAYSN has withstood the heat of Toronto’s hip-hop scene for years, proving himself like gold and living to tell his tale. Born and raised in Toronto, SAYNT JAYSN spent his formative years in Bermuda. The conflicting climates of his two homes generated an otherness within him that necessitated the no-holds-barred mastery of flow and self-expression that his fans have come to admire. Keeping mostly to the underground scene, he’s released several tracks over the years that shine like diamonds and singe like acid. Now, collaborating with maestro-producer and fellow Canadian Dwight Miller, SAYNT JAYSN is gearing up to release his epic album, It’s Okay To Be Happy Again, which tackles the madness and mysteries of being an artist head-on.

About the “Take You Home (feat. Jônelle)” video

The lead single off of It’s Okay To Be Happy Again, “Take You Home” is a musically and lyrically complex exploration of the power of love. Featuring powerhouse Canadian vocalist Jônelle, the song explores love in all its glory, obsession, conflict, and warmth. Producer Dwight Miller of Big Nickel Productions cites Hans Zimmer as an influence, and the sound design displays a unique sensitivity to the equally carefully crafted lyrics of SAYNT JAYSN. This isn’t just another love song; it’s an acutely distilled revelation of the full picture of love.

To really get a sense of the complete artist that SAYNT JAYSN is and the absurdity of love he seeks to illustrate, you’ve got to catch the music video for “Take You Home.” Directed by hip-hop’s Hans Zimmer—Dwight Miller, himself—the video follows SAYNT JAYSN and Jônelle as they experience a wormhole-like journey through different tones and perspectives on love. From genuine passion to laughable infatuation, every stage of love is represented through clever and challenging usage of abrupt cuts, video effects, and even animated fairy tale birds. Take a deep breath before diving in; this surreal introduction to Toronto’s next big emcee will shake up your world.

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