Seven Past Sunset “Overwhelmed”

Seven Past Sunset
“Overwhelmed” Music Video
Directed by Drake Whelton
Add date – 03/28/19

About Seven Past Sunset

When American rock band Seven Past Sunset got their start in 2017, vocalist Dustin Hites was working on a solo career, playing at various venues across Ohio. A friend of now-guitarist Johnny Krill happened to be at one of Dustin’s shows and called Johnny and had him listen to the rest of the set through the phone. A week later, Hites and Krill met and quickly decided to join forces and then stepped into Soup Can Studio to record. The band is rounded out with Jeremy Rober on bass and vocals and Scottie Vining on drums.

Taking influence from Shinedown and Pop Evil, Seven Past Sunset’s music is inspired by personal trials and tribulations. They want their music to be relatable and bring hope to their listeners. After years of perfecting and sculpting their identity and style, 2019 is the year they’ll make themselves known in the rock world.

About The Video

The opening scene of their music video for “Overwhelmed” shows a man being rushed off in a stretcher. Suddenly, he wakes up to what seems to be a dream. Walking down the street, he notices the strangeness around him; his entire environment is set in a backward mode with the people and cars all going in reverse. Yet as he walks through the backward world, he spots a woman who seems to be avoiding him. Finding a picture that looks exactly like her, he finally approaches her. When he compares her to the picture, she disappears, and the environment around him resumes back to normal. Then, the car driving backward in the street he was standing in starts driving forward and hits him.

The abnormality symbolizes a toxic relationship between the man and the woman. Both have gotten themselves in too deep, making life feel like a backward chase. Hites explains that “Overwhelming” is “a relatable song based on the daily struggles a couple faces inside of a failing relationship. They are trapped in a partnership that feels as though it is killing them internally, but are too afraid, or too comfortable to leave.” The constant cycle is old but too comfortable to escape from. When he finally goes back to her, tragedy strikes, an exaggerated way to portray the reality that every time someone goes back to a toxic person they are bound to get hurt again.

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