Shane and Emily “Mountains” (feat. Eternity)

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Phil Porto
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November 17, 2015


Shane and Emily consists of a guy and girl duo who go back and forth on lead vocals and harmonies. Shane born in Oshawa, Ontario and Emily born in Fredrick Town, Missouri met at a small venue in Port Richey Florida where they both performed for the same open mic. Though they give off a fun and quirky personality at their live shows, they write about life situations dealing with love, spirituality and view points on life. All of that comes to life in spectacular fashion in the new video for “Mountains.”

Shane and Emily have been on the move since their formation as a band from opening up for Caroline Kole at the Straz Center in Tampa Florida to driving every month to Nashville to perform in various venues. Shane & Emily play all over the Tampa Bay Area (Clearwater, st. Pete and surrounding area) and Orlando at venues like Downtown Disney, Hard Rock Casino, Busch Gardens and other venues. They have performed on DayTime TV and Interviewed on Bay News 9. Currently, alongside playing those venues, Shane & Emily now play at colleges all over North America while traveling in their RV! (Harvey the RV).

The video for “Mountains” is one that strikes a painful chord with viewers of all walks of life. The story of the video revolves around a rapidly deteriorating relationship where trust is gone and the emotional bonds that once tied two people together are far gone. As the woman confronts the infidelities of her partner, her choices are clear; she can either take control of her life or let him call the shots without her best interests at heart.

Throughout the video Shane and Emily, an also guest emcee Eternity, weave a tapestry of lyrics and melodies that straddle the line between sadness, anger, and reservation. Visually, the video all takes place on the stage of a theater so the narrative and the live performance are all given a subtle but satisfying continuity between them that ties it all together.

Here at HIP we’re always on the lookout for exciting and original talent, and we know we’ve found a gem with Shane & Emily! Be on the lookout for their new album Hi, we’re Shane and Emily, and please get in touch if there’s anything at all that we can do to get the video into your programming. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at . You can also visit for more info.

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