The Shins “So Says I”

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Plates Animation
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October 27, 2003


Hi everyone! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff at HIP Video Promo with a new promotion that is completely worthy of your attention. Like their critically acclaimed last record, Oh, Inverted World, New Mexico’s indie sensations The Shins brand new CD, Chutes Too Narrow (Sub Pop), is a record that continues to grow and grow on you until obsession sets in. The songs are so well written and catchy that it could be in the CD player for days. It’s a comfort, an understated brilliance that after a couple listens is insatiably addicting. Please indulge! The Shins are the band to watch this fall as their new release is sure to be included on plenty of top ten lists among the rock and roll intelligentia this December. I may sound like a broken record when I bring up how fun and exciting it is to work with Megan Jasper and the ultra cool folks at legendary Sub Pop Records, but there is no finer feeling in the world than getting to help out smart, savvy music labels whose artists you respect and admire.

Like just about all of the tracks on Chutes Too Narrow, “So Says I” is a thoughtful, articulate song. It’s easy to get distracted by the subtly hooky and deceptively complex uptempo arrangement and James Mercer’s lilting vocals. A closer listen reveals a biting, mordant social commentary dressed up like a pop song. Directed by Plates Animation (Mogwai, etc.), this chilling animated video is brilliantly executed and positively Orwellian in character. We’re shown a totalitarian society of penguins, in a setting resembling an ice sculpture of The Kremlin, complete with May Day style marchers and slogan-bearing banners. And, just like in 1812, a lot of things are burning. As the penguin apparatchniks plot global domination, the bird on the street in this worker’s paradise is reduced to pan-flippering for spare fish (and gets the symbolic walrus tusk instead).

However bleak it may be, “So Says I” is not entirely pessimistic – it’s more like an urgent wake up call than a lament that all is lost. The song and video combination are dark, powerful, and evocative. Many music vids are mindless fun, but this one needs and deserves to be taken very seriously indeed.

Record Label Sub Pop (the arbiters of indie rock good taste) are ecstatic about the buzz their upcoming new record is garnering. When you hear this amazing CD you will know why (the release date is October 21st). Clocking in at a little over thirty minutes, the new Shins album is a brief, yet entirely scintillating glimpse at chiming, reflective and perfectly skewed pop innovation.

HIP Video Promo is teaming up with Sub Pop to offer programmers that add the “So Says I” video on October 24th and October 27 an incredible grand prize in the “Win a case of the GOOD STUFF” contest! The prize is a full case of Sub Pop discs! The Shins will pick their 12 favorite Sub Pop CDs and the winner gets to pick their 12 favorites (will over 600 releases to choose from). The grand prize will also include Sub Pop T-shirts and other goodies. This contest will definitely generate excitement! The drawing will take place on December 12th. Call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail”> for more info.

Visit Sub Pop Visit The Shins
Visit Sub Pop Visit The Shins


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