Sicily Jordan “You Got Me”


Sicily Jordan
“You Got Me”
Directed by Jesse Kahle (DP), Dustin Willis (Director)
Add date – 8/5/2022

About Sicily Jordan

All it took was one creative writing class for Sicily Jordan to fall in love with using words to craft stories and create a lens through which her audiences could understand themselves. Jordan’s passion for music started even earlier as she sang on stage and performed in musicals from childhood. Once she started writing songs in middle school, she never looked back. Now she combines her two passions as a rising pop artist. Jordan chose to pursue her talent professionally in 2020: the newfound time to reflect and chase after abandoned dreams showed her that her life needed even more music. She couldn’t keep her musical masterpieces cooped up in her home any longer. Jordan’s gift of emitting genuine empathy shines through in “You Got Me”, the leading single for her debut EP, Between Us. Give it a listen; it won’t take long to confirm her intuition that her songs are only ever complete when they meet another’s ears. 

About “You Got Me”

“You Got Me” depicts a toxic relationship that you just can’t seem to escape due to endless yearning for that one person. Even though you’ve repeated the same actions, the same scenario time and again — mentally understanding the inevitability of everything ending in shambles —your heart can’t help but give in. Jordan pulls from her personal experience of feeling trapped in this loop of failed relationship revivals. In the second verse, she sings, “How many nights will I promise I am done with you only to find I am standing once again at your door, reciting over and over maybe this time.” The echoes of “this time, this time, this time” represent her deja vu in returning to her past behaviors and reliving the same wrongs that still feel so right. Jordan has watched others go through this agonizing cycle, and she knows more people have and will face it. “You Got Me” provides every listener comfort and relief once they understand it too. 

About the video

To highlight that this is a timeless, universal phenomenon, Jordan takes viewers on a journey through the decades. No matter who or where you are or what time period, people continue to go through this physical and mental battle. The modernized visual communicates this truth through expert use of eye-catching transitions to spin Jordan round and round while traveling smoothly through space and time. It all goes hand in hand with her chorus’s metaphor that one person’s gravity keeps her orbiting around them despite the eternal hole they forge in her heart.

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It’s our pleasure to promote Sicily Jordan’s brand new “You Got Me” music video, and this talented creative is already working on the next single from her giant catalog of songs. In the meantime, be sure to check out her Between Us EP for even more universal stories of love. Many thanks for considering this music video for your programming and online presentations. For more info, you can reach us at, call 732-613-1779, or visit for all things Sicily Jordan.