SK No Edit “Head Case”

SK No Edit
“Head Case”
Directed by Sean Fleming
Add date – 9/29/2023

About SK No Edit

Sure—he trudged through a rough upbringing to become an All-American athlete majoring in math at MIT; he taught himself guitar and can fearlessly jam with funk, alternative, and metal bands; he navigated valiantly through woes of identity, prejudice, and family struggles. But the most admirable thing about Bronx-based rapper SK No Edit is that he doesn’t let any of that define him. His name itself is a declaration that there’s not only no filter on his silky flow, but also no limit on his artistic potential.

Finding early outlets and influences for his struggles with punk and alternative bands like Blink 182 and Linkin Park, SK now appreciates top notch songcraft anywhere it emerges—whether it’s coming from Eric Clapton, Chris Stapleton, or Kendrick Lamar. What comes through for SK is the pure, energetic release in sound and raw emotional experience in lyrics. And he provides nothing less than that in his meticulously crafted tracks. Consider yourself lucky to have caught this creative early on and start digging into songs like “Burn Myself” and “Backslide” before the awards start rolling in.

About the “Head Case” video

Or—why not start with SK No Edit’s most recent single “Head Case“? With his typical fearless nature, SK not only takes on the topic of mental health, but also owns and rewrites the meaning of his journey through mental struggles. Over a trap-informed, hyper-bassy beat, SK layers in crunchy metal chords that strut like a champion prizefighter still bloody and swollen after a hard-won victory. Laying claim to the title of “Headcase,” he transforms its connotations from sickness to cure. His depth of experience has won him not only empathy and credibility, but a rawness that can’t be taught—and can’t be denied.

Witness SK’s talent and metamorphosis in the music video for “Head Case.” In the video, director Sean Fleming captures SK trouping around Asbury Park, NJ. Strapped to the roof of a car, climbing walls, and phasing in and out of video filters, the rapper sets free his psycho-flow with unabashed finesse and style. Pop on “Head Case” and make it the soundtrack to your next creative rampage.

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