Sohodolls “Stripper”

Tim Mattia
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February 20, 2008


Greetings to my esteemed programming friends! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, back with another red-hot video from an indie artist on the rise. These days, it seems like everybody is scoring big hits with songs about strippers: T-Pain, Kanye West, 50 Cent. But must you be raging with testosterone in order to pen an ode to voyeurism? Hardly. Leave it to the deliriously naughty Maya von Doll – lead singer and agent provocateur of the Sohodolls – to bring the girls in on the action. In “Stripper”, the stunning London vocalist crashes the club and shows the boys how it’s done, claiming the sexiest dancers as her own. “Hey, stripper, I want to be your mister”, she coos, slipping some bills into that overstuffed g-string. “I have the right to pull the girls”, she insists; it’s a pout, a challenge, an anthem, a sexy statement of purpose.

American television producers have taken notice. Alexandra Patsavas, the music impresario for such notable shows as The OCand Grey’s Anatomy, recently paired “Stripper” with an episode ofGossip Girl to electrifying effect. Although the band has become a mainstay on the British alternative charts, this was, for most stateside music fans, a first exposure to Sohodolls’s music. The upcoming U.S. release of Ribbed Music For A Numb Generation is likely to familiarize American audiences with Maya von Doll and her bandmates. Rarely does an electropop band make music so immediate, so infectious, and so effortlessly provocative.

That is, in part, because it’s the rare electropop band that rocks this hard. Like most Sohodolls songs, “Stripper” is built around a huge and irresistible guitar riff. The British quartet decorates its mix with machine-drums and spacy synthesizer textures, but the center of this track is its swaggering six-string. Maya von Doll’s performance is simultaneously authoritative and alluring (or perhaps it’s so alluring because of her command); her portrayal of a sexual adventurer in the decadent dens of London is wholly convincing, and surreptitiously exciting.

It helps that Maya von Doll is as gorgeous as she is. Many pop stars are beautiful, but the Sohodolls frontwoman is absolutely made for the camera – she’s got a model’s face, and a body suitable for a high-end… well, for a high-end stripper. Should she ever take to the pole in public, it’s safe to say she’d come away with a thong-ful of cash. Tim Mattia (Alamos, Biffy Clyro) makes the Sohodolls frontwoman the focus of his titillating clip for “Stripper”, although her androgynous bandmates make the most of their screen-time, too. They take the stage of an urban cabaret (to frame the clip, a neon sign flashes “pleasures of Soho”) and perform their song to a rapt crowd of well-dressed rowdies with carnal appetites. Mattia flashes close-ups of Maya’s made-up lips and shining teeth as she sneers into the microphone; it’s aggressive, but also undeniably sexual. By the end of the performance, her dress comes off, her flawless shoulders flash under the stagelights, and only a thick strip of gaffer’s tape protects her breasts from exposure. It’s a testament to her dancing skill – and to her remarkable anatomy – that everything stays perfectly in place.

We are very excited to once again have the pleasure of working with Roy, Rob and Paul from A&G Records to bring you and your viewers another fantastic Sohodolls video. We know you loved the “Right and Right Again” video, and we’re happy to bring you more! We have been set up with plenty of copies of Ribbed Music For A Numb Generation, so if you want to get some for on-air giveaways, please drop us a line. If you need more info call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779, or email

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