Somesh Mathur ft. Zakir Suthar & Harmaan Nazim “Hallelujah”

Somesh Mathur ft. Zakir Suthar & Harmaan Nazim
Add date – 4/14/2023

About Somesh Mathur

Somesh Mathur is a certified multi-hyphenate. The Mumbai-based, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter has so many influences, inspirations, and ideas churning through his psyche, hyphens are the bare minimum needed to express his artistic work. Born to notable Indian classical musicians, Somesh grew up in a musically literate household steeped in the studious traditions of Indian culture. However, while he mastered the classical and folk songs of his homeland, Somesh was devouring rock n roll, blues, RnB, and jazz. At the ripe age of 19, Somesh booked himself a North American tour, quit his MBA program, and dove headlong into his music career.

He did eventually finish that MBA – with an A+ grade in his Marketing and Finance elective. Now he comes to us after that lifelong career, including diverse projects ranging from covers of Pink Floyd to original work collaborating with Bollywood greats like Asha Bhosle. All along, Somesh has aimed to bring his New Age Bharaat genre to ever wider audiences around the world: he’s done over 1600 concerts worldwide to date, with 97 musical releases thus far! He’s also a Grammy U Mentor and an entrepreneur with his own music and culture record label, SWEETBEATS, based out of Mumbai and Los Angeles. Somesh Mathur’s most recent album Mother Maa is an inspiring contemplation on life, spirituality, music, and our planet.

About the “Hallelujah” video

From his 2022 album Mother Maa comes Somesh Mathur’s classic fusion hit, “Hallelujah.” Over-flowing with musicality, this masterpiece features dozens of instruments. From classic Indian sitar to African drums to banjos, Mathur intentionally includes a world’s worth of influences to express his gratitude for life. In the special holiday edit of the song, he opts to make the originally cosmic lyrics a bit more personal and familiar to Western audiences, but the sum effect is bound to have listeners swept away in mystical bliss.

The music video for “Hallelujah” matches the song with its diverse range of influences and features. At first, it shows Somesh praying in front of Mumbai’s renowned Mount Mary Basilica with crowds of other spiritual seekers. As he prays and walks through the crowd, scenes cut away to other forms of worship and ecstatic expression: whirling dervishes juxtaposed with break dancers, tribal dance circles, and modern-day concerts. It’s impossible to step back from this video without a sense of appreciation and awe at the diversity and creativity of mankind. Viewers may even find themselves singing and praising along—”Hallelujah!”

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