Star Off Machine “Side Of Me”

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David Hendrick
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August 24, 2012


Having cut their teeth by winning over crowds in their home turf of Southern California, as well as sharing stages with 3 Doors Down, Marcy Playground, and Suicidal Tendencies, Star Off Machine are balancing sounds that consist of rock ballads intertwined with power driven choruses within the creation of their music. With the new video for “Side of Me,” a song that encompasses the very progressive elements of alternative rock, the band has made an undeniable statement that they are here to stake their claim as one of the new champions of hard rock music. With strong commitments to the ever-classic styles of rock music, this group of talented musicians offer a more stylistic approach to the alternative rock genre through catapulting guitar chords and pulsating vocal melodies.

With contemporary influences by well-known artists such as Incubus, Chevelle, and Sevendust, Star Off Machine has molded together a unique blend of styles. From Huntington Beach, California, the band signifies the importance of making music that is composed of relative meaning. In 2011, they entered the studio to record their sophomore LP with producer Wesley Geer; having a pronounced history with artists such as Korn and Hed Pe, Geer steered Star Off Machine in directions that would make them a lasting group of musicians on the music scene. They have been awarded Best Hard Rock Band and Rock Group of the Year at the Orange County Music Awards and the Los Angeles South Bay Music Awards. With recognition at the tips of their fingers, Star Off Machine quickly gained positive critiques that revolve around their unique combination of rock elements, and a strong fan base developed as well. Not only has the band had experience with prestigious figures within the music scene, but they have also dipped themselves into the film world; their creation of the title track for the upcoming release of Once I Was A Champion gives them a chance to reach out to more fans of intellectual value. And we experience this intellectual side of Star Off Machine within their video for “Side of Me.”

“Side of Me” creates a certain sense of awareness for vocalist Erick Holloway. Throughout the video, we are transformed into the many “sides” of an individual. The lead singer encompasses the ways in which love can make or break you. We see him struggling as an individual to express his love through the use of drugs, yet we understand that this isn’t a cry for help—it is merely a way to express how dangerous life can be. The song ranges from ideas that revolve around love, the hardships of losing yourself to drugs, and the power of self-awareness. “Side of Me” encourages listeners to remember themselves and who they are by listening to music, and it is with Star Off Machines’ music that we can grasp the reality of the plot-twisting turns that exist within daily life.

Star Off Machine presents the music scene with strong alternative influences by creating noteworthy music, and we’re confident that you and your viewers will jump on it in a flash. For more information on “Side of Me” and Star Off Machine please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info on Star Off Machine.

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