Staunch Moderates “Rolling Stone”

Staunch Moderates
“Rolling Stone”
Directed by GTS
Add date – 9/29/2023

About Staunch Moderates

Picture a better future with Staunch Moderates. With this talented conglomerate from Aspen, CO, it’s more than just music—it’s a movement.Founded in 2019 by Greg Simmons and Bo Persiko, the movement aims to unite down-to-earth people from across the political spectrum for everything from rational conversation to rock n roll. Like how they blur political lines, Staunch Moderates have no fear of stretching across genres and representing unity through sound. Collaborations introduce elements of funk, jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, and more into their baseline experimental indie sound. Dive into Staunch Moderates’ blossoming discography and start riding the wave to a future where politics and art compassionately blend into one.

About the “Rolling Stone” video

Off their most recent album 2023, “Rolling Stone” is Staunch Moderates’ ode to the music magazine that shaped a generation. The instrumentals feature an imaginative and soaring guitar solo seemingly extending through the length of the song over an intoxicating, high-energy beat. Amidst all this, collaborating rapper Shorty Mack recounts the magazine’s history from its early days with the Beatles to modern times in the digital age. Throughout the song, Simmons interjects exclamations with David Byrne gusto. It’s an absolute trip—perfect for communicating the journey of rock n roll’s favorite magazine.

Rock a little harder on this musical voyage with the official music video for Staunch Moderates’ “Rolling Stone.” The video plays like a time travel adventure, transporting us from decade to decade, back and forth, until we see it all merge in music. Shots of Simmons in the studio—sometimes with Staunch Moderates Yeti-esque mascot DJ Staunch—help ground us before trampolining back into our journey. Take a moment to reflect, rewind, fast forward, and freak out with Staunch Moderates “Rolling Stone.”

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We’re thrilled to team up with Staunch Moderates once again to promote the brand new video for “Rolling Stone”. Thank you for considering it for your programming and online presentations, it is very much appreciated. Please reach out with any questions or if you’d like us to send some cool Staunch Moderates merch for contests and giveaways. For more info, reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at or 732-613-1779. For more information, follow them on Instagram @Staunch_Moderates.

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