STRFKR “Atlantis”

Vice Cooler
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May 30, 2013


STRFKR is one of Polyvinyl Records’ most renowned contemporary indie-rock bands known to date. From the same Portland music scene as label mates Wampire and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, STRFKR has received almost as much attention for their moniker as for their immeasurably contagious dance hooks. HIP Video Promo is proud to present the new video for their new track “Atlantis,” a sensational account of modern indie music.

The band’s second album Reptilians, not to mention their first with Polyvinyl Records, gained much critical acclaim and has landed STRFKR most of their accredited fame. Lyrically, the album focuses primarily on death and the end of the world, “two intertwined subjects at the forefront of songwriter Josh Hodges’ mind following the passing of his grandmother.” However, the album is nothing short of amazing and is not even the slightest bit depressing.

Following the success of Reptilians, STRFKR’s most recent album Miracle Mile is gaining the same, if not more, positive press. Filled with those memorable synths and upbeat melodies that we all have come to love, their music is filled with vibrant crescendos, layers of energetic synth melodies, and explosive drum beats that make for wild and expressively theatrical live performances. Speaking of live performances, a live show of the band is a must-see, and they are set to perform at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles’ historic park later this year in August. In the meantime, HIP Video Promo presents “Atlantis,” a satirical, yet humanly witty experience of a music video.

Directed by the infamous Vice Cooler, “Atlantis” takes viewers through a modern experience through genres of satire, humor, and sarcasm. We follow two very serious joggers who appear to be a middle-aged couple running through a neighborhood; as viewers, we pick up on their stylish clothing and can confirm that they have a bit of money to spend. STRFKR uses these characters to portray how money can suck the life out of human beings, so they confront these characters with monsters and even put them in strange situations. At the end, they are seen achieving trophies at a very interesting finish line with some eccentric beings, but what STRKR relates in “Atlantis” is the mere fact that sometimes life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

From their uncanny wit to the different levels of sarcasm displayed, STRFRK is one of the most noteworthy bands to emerge from Polyvinyl Records’ label. Their feel good music, although it is strewn with lyrics revolving around the darker sides of life, presents music fans with an intelligent and witty style that cannot be replicated. “Atlantis” is a track that exemplifies all that STRFKR is made of and stands as an introduction for what they have in store for fans. For more information or to get your hands on the new album Miracle Mile, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info on STRFKR.

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