STRFKR “While I’m Alive”

David Fine
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October 14, 2013


We all grow old. Sooner or later we’re all faced with the reality that our time here on earth isn’t unlimited, and the good times we experience and share with one another will one day be but a memory. Over the course of two critically acclaimed full-length albums via much-loved indie label, Polyvinyl Records (Reptilians in 2011 & Miracle Mile in 2013), electro-pop darlings, STRFKR, have been acutely tuned into this fact and have been exploring the delicate subject matter through their music. For STRFKR however, this does not mean records full of gloomy downers … in fact, their approach is the complete opposite. The LA (by way of Portland)-based group compose highly addictive, groovy-synth and bassline driven, get-on-the-dance floor music that will have you shaking your hips within seconds of pressing play, potentially unaware of the deep lyrical content. Although the band wouldn’t blame you. With their latest music video for their funky, life-affirming new single, “While I’m Alive,” STRFKR tell a story of an elderly gentleman who’s lived a full and happy life, but in his final years has been struggling to keep on keeping on.

Director David Terry Fine, who’s made highly memorable music videos for popular artists like King Tuff and Big Freedia, had one primary thought for the direction of the “While I’m Alive” video, “We get lonely when people close to us die, but that doesn’t mean your life didn’t kick ass.” With this in mind, he masterfully weaves a tale of an old man that frequently dreams of the times when he was young, agile and carefree with his wife, who is later revealed to have sadly passed on, leaving him alone and lonely. He battles thoughts of “Why go on?” and “Is life worth living anymore?” Luckily, memories of his young wife dancing back in the day are powerful and vivid enough to give him one last jolt to keep him here, alive.

To bring these glowing memories to life again, Fine wisely brought in Rainbow Fletcher of the Can Can Castaways (a Seattle dance troupe) to choreograph an absolutely dazzling dance routine that will leave viewers floored. In fact, the dancing is so mesmerizing that the man (in his current, now old body) simply cannot resist jumping right in on the action and letting loose with his love one last time. Amazingly, he doesn’t miss a beat. When asked about where the idea of all the focus on dancing to represent youth came from, Fine said, “Dancing can be taken very seriously, but it’s also something we do to let everything go — to let loose, have fun and enjoy life. So dance made sense for this — a serious topic with a warm, light-hearted approach.” The experience of dancing with his wife again fills the man with life again. In the end, he wakes from this dream, alone once again, but with enough life restored within him to keep on living, if only to hold onto these memories awhile longer. It’s beautiful, silly and heart-wrenching all in just over 4 minutes.

With the success of Reptilians, STRFKR’s latest album Miracle Mile was on everyone’s radar as its release date approached and definitely did not disappoint eager music fans when it landed, garnering highly favorable review from a number of influential music publications. “ … (it’s) one of the prettiest party records you’ll hear this year.” – All Music Guide. “As a fully realized collaboration, this record sees STRFKR dimming the lights just a little bit and coming into their own more than ever before. – Paste Magazine.

STRFKR are on the road now through mid December in support of their new album, Miracle Mile, and we cannot recommend that you catch them live enough! They are widely known for their spectacular live performances. If you want tickets to a show, would like to interview the band or have any questions at all on STRFKR, please feel free to contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info on STRFKR.


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