Stylz Milleon “Good 2 Yuh”

Stylz Milleon
“Good 2 Yuh”
Directed by Tony Teuche
Climax Entertainment
Add date – 2/2/2024

About Stylz Milleon

Stylz Milleon’s artistic journey is a fantastic story transcending borders, weaving a history of cultural fusion and personal evolution. Coming from New Jersey, he embarked on a transformative adventure that took him to the vibrant streets of Miami, where a melting pot of influence helped his musical career grow. With a mix of Caribbean rhythms and inspired by his West African mother, Stylz Milleon’s preference for Afrobeat became the driving force behind his musical exploration.

Born in war-torn Liberia, his life journey took him through the landscapes of the Ivory Coast, Germany, Austria, and New York before settling down in New Jersey. Five years ago, Stylez Milleon’s music career began when he crossed paths with a seasoned producer known for crafting beats for industry heavyweights like Murda Ink, French Montana, and Gucci Mane. Initially, he engaged as a writer, but over the past three years, he’s seamlessly transitioned into creating his own musical records. “Be Rich” marked his inaugural track, gaining recognition in 2021 despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

About the “Good 2 Yuh” Music Video

His collaboration with producer Marlin McGregor, facilitated by a mutual friend, opened more creative horizons. The music video for “Good 2 Yuh” is a testament to Stylz Milleon’s commitment to breaking stereotypes. This track offers a setting in a musical landscape filled with female-centric narratives, urging men to embrace their masculinity without objectification. He brought the vision to life in collaboration with the creative minds of Jose Munoz and Fabian Camilo of Climax Entertainment. Stylz Milleon sees the song as an anthem that resonates with both genders, promoting mutual appreciation.

The soul of Trenton, where Stylz Milleon’s music resonates, connects to the vibrant markets of Philadelphia and New York. His performances in both regions show his ability to connect with diverse crowds, drawing inspiration from artists like JellyRoll and VibezKartel. Admiring the innovative spirit of these greats, he shares a respect for the genre, while also acknowledging Nicki Minaj as a phenomenal female artist.

In the ever-evolving landscape of his musical journey, Stylz Milleon seeks to innovate sounds, using his voice as an instrument. His ability to capture the essence of cultural influences and commitment to authenticity sets Stylz Milleon on the path of creative exploration and genre-defying expression.

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