Summer Rain “Hold Her Hand”

Summer Rain
“Hold Her Hand”
Directed by Lochlan Moore, Logan Hale
Add date – 8/6/2021

About Summer Rain

Every event for Summer Rain is always black tie. The rock trio knows that a first impression means everything, so they don’t slack in effort in their sound or style. The three young Canadians are native to Qualicum Beach, where the retired outnumber the young. Amongst the serenity, Will McLelland (Guitar, Vocals), Josh Beausoleil (Bass, Vocals), and Logan Hale (Drums) aim to remain youthful, relatable, and timeless in the land of retirement communities. Their sound captures elements of their influences – Coldplay, Oasis, and The Rolling Stones – while maintaining a unique magnetism and an authentic approach. Through all their quirkiness and eccentrics, their message is clear: “If it’s meant to be, then things will work out in the end.” Their prior release, “South of the Border,” boasts over one million streams on SoundCloud, and with upcoming releases in progress, you can be sure the gentlemen will deliver authentic tunes paired with a “band next door” type of ease.

About the video

Love, in its purest form, is all about quality time and communication. It’s meant to be wholesome, chaotic, and unexplored because your partner is the one to reveal the excitement behind it. Small acts of kindness like polishing your significant other and refilling their engine oil is what love is all about. You read that correctly: in Summer Rain’s new music video “Hold Her Hand,” Josh isn’t in love with a human; he’s in love with his motorcycle. It’s not just any motorcycle, though; she’s a Honda CX500, a special series developed and released in the 1970s.

Their love story parallels the sweet lyrics Will sings while Logan emphasizes every beat with his meticulous drumming. As Summer Rain formally performs in suits under a cherry blossom, Josh gets into an argument with his automobile lover and storms off. Yet when an apology notification buzzes his phone, he runs back to the garage. His beloved is waiting for him, engine on, ready to be taken for a spin.

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