The CoOp “About To Be Some Shhh”

The CoOpArtist:
Brice Miller
Add Date:
November 21, 2012


Propelled by the success of influential movements, The Diplomats & Cash Money, along with the encouragement of industry tastemakers, The Co-Op Family is a movement seeking to make an impact. With Plans to prove that various states can conform still with individuality to become a growing force to be reckoned with in the realm of Hip-Hop, The Co-Op hopes to put their imprint on the Hip-Hop radar through lyrical assault and production creativity to the masses abroad. The introduction of their single “About To Be Some Shhh” is their introduction of just two of the solo artist headlining their movement, TV of Virginia/Georgia and LEGACY of NYC/MIAMI.

As up and coming rappers, born in various states around the nation, they were all fans of music at young ages and yet influenced by different regions. TV wanting to be a rapper at the age of four his compassion would grow into adulthood after witnessing his cousin, Fatboi, DJ at parties around Atlanta. Legacy exhibiting the passion to entertain since a teenager, together ready to take center stage, they are confident that they have undergone the artistic growth to carve their own niche in the rap game.

Currently releasing a series of mixtapes to accompany their campaign, with music inspired by real life experiences of themselves and their friends, they have already enlisted features from well-known artists. While they plan on adding more popular artists to the upcoming mixtape series, they are still open to working with newcomers. Their benevolence should not go unnoticed too…. Aside from providing great music TV wants to provide good jobs and homes for the people of Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina. Legacy wants to do the same for his birthplace of Puerto Rico, along with NYC, and Florida. “We don’t do this music for just us, It’s a Family thing,” they explain.

For their new video “About To Be Some Shhh” the group enlisted their vast network of friends down to Club Play in Miami where they throw the wildest part you’ve ever set your eyes on. Rolling up in BMW stretch limos, Ferraris and a couple of decked out T-REX 3 wheel rides, it’s clear from the beginning that The Co-Op means business! Once they’ve passed off their whips to the valet, they take their crew indoors and set up shop at the corner table and open up an endless flow of bottle service of the finest variety. As the party rages, Legacy and TV are firmly ensconced at the head of the proverbial table and serve as the true masters of ceremonies. As a true testament to this group’s diverse approach to life and music, the room is filled with partygoers of all creeds and colors, with only one thing on their mind, and that is having a good time!

We’re very excited to be working with The Co-Op and George Burton at FMP Media Group to bring you this stellar track. We’re here to hook you up with copies of the new “About To Be Some Shhh” single and anything else you may need so please don’t hesitate to be in touch. If you need more info, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at