The Lori P Davis Project “Bad Boy”

The Lori P Davis Project
“Bad Boy”
Directed by Lori Davis-Fischer
Add date – 3/17/2023

About The Lori P Davis Project

Look out, Akron, Nashville, and beyond—The Lori P. Davis Project has arrived! After years at the center of Akron’s party and event scene, Lori Davis is taking her accumulated learnings as a master of ceremonies to create expressive, sing-a-long, country-pop songs perfect for road trips, girls’ nights, and shower-singing. Influenced by acts ranging from Pat Benetar to Alanis Morissette, to Sheryl Crow, to Miley Cyrus and Olivia Rodrigo, Davis pens lyrics for and lends her powerful voice to heartbroken girls singing their woes into hairbrush mics in the bathroom mirror. With a pair of rocking singles released this year, Davis continues rolling out her break-up anthems ready-made to amplify and alleviate your angst.

About the “Bad Boy” video

The first single released by The Lori P. Davis Project, “Bad Boy,” is the soundtrack to your next windows-down, scream-out-loud venting session with your bestie. Ramping up with a rough-n-rowdy guitar lick over soaring organs, Lori and duet partner John Stafford howl out the story of a passionate and messy relationship. The chorus finds Lori cooing out her longing to tame her bad boy, launching her verse-after-verse into this dizzying cycle. Tough for her, but good news for us—as it brings us back for another chance to cathartically shout along at the top of our lungs.     

“Bad Boy” was co-written by Davis, John Stafford, and Phylis. Davis herself – who has directed and produced all of her music so far – wrote, directed, and produced the music video for “Bad Boy.” Kicked off with a sweet conversation where Lori reassures her granddaughter that she’ll find her prince charming, the film takes a sudden shift revealing the travails of love that will get her to that true love. Namely, the eponymous “Bad Boys.” Interspersed with shots of Davis and Stafford belting out their hopes and woes, we follow a saga of small-town drama, ultimately ending in the empowerment of all women involved to reject the bad boys and find a better love just around the corner. “Bad Boy” is a song many people can relate to – and Davis hopes to hear other established singers take on the track for themselves!

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