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February 25, 2008


Greetings programmers! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, back with the latest from Hungary’s most notable rock export. In the months since we sent you the clip for the incendiary “I Like You”, great things have been happening for The Moog. For starters, the Budapest quintet was nominated by MTV Europe as the Best Hungarian Act. But their fame has spread far beyond the banks of the Danube. They’ve played sold-out shows in Europe and established themselves as international underground favorites. Right this minute, they’re touring the American west coast; later this spring, they’ll be crashing through Spain. Wherever they travel, the potent combination of their tight, infectious garage-punk, their energetic performances, and their pop-star good looks wins converts to their cause.

Their electrifying debut album hasn’t hurt, either. Positive notice for Sold For Tomorrow continues to pile up on both sides of the Atlantic – and press notice for The Moog has accelerated in America ever since the band made their initial appearance on these shores. “This worldwide disc hits so many perfect hooks that you are left spinning”, raves The Big Takeover; “the band’s exuberance leaps out of the speakers and dances around the room on every track”, boasts Amplifier, just after exclaiming “Hungary rocks!” Perhaps the best and most telling reaction comes from PopMatters, where the reviewer admits that he “can almost hear Joey Ramone shouting “1-2-3-4” between songs.” Comparisons to Rocket To Russia aren’t exaggerations: these Budapest rockers have the wit, the force, the energy, the riffs, and the drive to make them good.

Consider “Everybody Wants”, the set’s standout cut. It’s a three-chord shouter, sure; but, damn, what a three-chord shouter it is. Over an irresistible guitar pattern, singer Tonyo Szabo declaims enthusiastically – and leads his band from an electrifying verse to a chorus that feels as warmly inevitable as the rising sun. “Everybody Wants” has become a highlight of the Moog stage show, and the song seems set to blow America wide open for the band.

Those who haven’t been to Budapest might not know about the substantial artistic ferment going on in the centuries-old city. Without a doubt it’s become a creative capital of Eastern Europe, and a magnet for offbeat professionals of all kinds. Director (and fellow Hungarian) Veszejesaron turns the spotlight on young Budapest in his exciting clip for “Everybody Wants”. The video opens with tower-blocks, rail-bridges, and trains, and ends in a city park, and visits stately boulevards and the crowded bedrooms of the musicians in The Moog. But it’s the people of the city – who cluster around the band and party with them on the Budapest streets – that give the clip its indelible color. “Everybody Wants” is shot on video stock that has been intentionally manipulated to look like vintage Super-8 film. The effect imparts intimacy to the clip: it feels like you’ve been invited to peer in on Moog home movies. Veszejesaron begins by dividing the screen into four overlapping squares, each containing one member of the band as he wakes up, gets dressed, tosses his stylish hair, and gets ready to face the day. When the Moog musicians meet up on the street, their separate boxes disappear; now, their adventure is a collective one. They hit the park with their friends, blowing bubbles, jumping into piles of leaves, dancing, playing guitar. By nightfall, they’re onstage, playing “Everybody Wants” under the stagelights. Now, Veszejesaron brings the boxes back, each musician making his contribution, four corners united in song.

It is our pleasure once again to have the opportunity to work with Art Bourasseau and the MuSick Records crew to bring you this most excellent new video. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email us at

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