The Wineskins “Rattle My Faith”

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Derek Pearson
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April 2, 2013


There’s something mysterious and haunting about the music of The Wineskins. With inspirations revolving around well-known artists such as Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, The Wineskins have presented contemporary music fans with an array of unique, yet inspiring music. HIP Video Promo presents their latest video clip “Rattle My Faith,” which is a twisted, yet mesmerizing way to express and question the absurdities of life and the boundaries of our faiths.

Jeff Gordon and W. Keith Moore are the two musicians that make up this Mississippi based band. After a temporary time apart, Moore and Gordon got back together in June of last year—from that point and on, the new songs started coming, and they haven’t stopped! W. Keith Moore is the mastermind behind these haunting and revered lyrics that are inspired by some of literature’s most profound authors. William Faulkner, Larry Brown are two that come to mind immediately as you peruse the songs. Artists such as Bruce Cockburn, The Band and Tom Waits have also lent their hand in aid throughout the creation of Moore’s lyrical ballads. Jeff Gordon’s musical melodies and melodious harmonies are honest expressions of truth and depth, making his backing vocal an instrument in and of itself.

The Wineskins’ live show is a must see, presenting music fans with a deep, emotional outlook on the various meanings of life. The raw vocals of Moore’s leads and Gordon’s harmonies perfectly fall hand in hand to create an atmosphere of deep-rooted emotions. Their music contains their mysterious thoughts on growing up in Mississippi—from ghosts to bittersweet memories, The Wineskins’ create music that is from both the past and the present. Impossible Beauty Records introduces their newest video clip for “Rattle My Faith,” which sends viewers on a spiritually moving and mysterious journey into the questions of life and the vast array of faiths that exist throughout the world.

The setting is eerie and dark, yet we are immediately transformed to the exact location as soon as we are presented with the first image of “Rattle My Faith.” With scenes including a Ouija board and The Holy Bible, we are presented with a young man digging in the dirt. Grainy alcohol has been poured, the scene has been set, and nerve racking game of Russian roulette has begun. What Gordon and Moore present is the double life we sometimes lead and how sometimes, life is merely just a game. The theme of “Rattle My Faith” is constantly pressed upon, and as we wait for an answer, we are left on the edge of our seats. By the end of the video, we want more! The clip is a must-see, and acts as a mini introductory film for one of the most intelligent and innovative bands of this year.

The Wineskins’ music blends both classic elements and modern ideas into a sound that is both eclectic and unique. The dark thoughts of these musicians center on the wonders of classic literature, and a strong sense of questioning is always apparent within the witty, yet satirical lyrics of The Wineskins. Their highly anticipated album, Rattle My Faith, was just recently released, so be sure to get your hands on a copy. For more information on The Wineskins and their newest video “Rattle My Faith,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit

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