Timothy Isaiah “Ropes”


Timothy Isaiah
Directed by Adante Watts
Add date – 9/1/2022

About Timothy Isaiah

Blessed with a knack for storytelling, emerging musician Timothy Isaiah paints vivid portraits of his life and experiences through his raps. Fueled by a desire to develop creative concepts from a psychological perspective, the artist brings thought-provoking themes to the mainstream. Shaped by the dynamic and cultural roots of South Florida and Atlanta hip-hop, Timothy Isaiah creates music that spreads a message and speaks to listeners. Ready to make his debut, “Ropes” presents listeners with a story of grinding hard to make dreams a reality.

About the “Ropes” video

When you’re up against the ropes, you need that extra support to keep you fighting. Timothy Isaiah’s hit single “Ropes” is a motivational anthem that is like a shot of adrenaline in the veins to have listeners swinging their arms up, ready for that winning knockout punch. Timothy Isaiah has spitfire flows layered with an emotional intensity that channels his past struggles into explosive rap bars. The music video pans out in a cinematic vision, with a compelling narrative and blockbuster shots. The story follows a boxing gym owner who is under the threat of losing everything he loves due to an agreement created years prior. In a last-ditch effort to save the gym, Timothy Isaiah, a rookie boxer, challenges the new owner to a 1 round match to reclaim the territory. As the music kicks in, the artist raps along as he trains for fight night. Keeping viewers at the edge of their seats, the two battle it out in the ring, leaving the big question on everyone’s mind: Will Timothy Isaiah reign victorious?

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