Uncharted Shores “Dreaming”

Uncharted ShoresArtist:
Frank Door
Add Date:
July 25, 2012


Pop-rock music has been a developing genre; with different rising artists on the scene at a pace that is unstoppable, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of music that is truly out there. However, artists like Uncharted Shores stand above their genre through the sounds of their creative ability to make music that is sentimental and romantic. They can be compared to the likes of contemporary pop-rock artists such as Two Door Cinema Club and Owl City, with a blend of Blink 182 in some of their songs, but it is clear that their imaginations guide them toward a more sentimental side. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce their new music video for their hit single called “Dreaming.”

Uncharted Shores originally formed in the fall of 2009, in Tres Pinos, California where it didn’t take long for their glamor to gain much public appeal. Recording their first two albums with the music label known as SixGun Records, lead vocalist, guitar, and keyboard player, Sean O’Leary, arrived on the music scene with the intentions to use his voice as an influence to heartfelt teens. However, the now inspired musician once admitted, “I never really got into music until about sixth grade when a neighbor and close friend showed me Blink 182 for the first time. I was immediately hooked, and from that point on I told myself I was going to be in the next best rock band in the world.” With influences such as those of New Found Glory, Third Eye Blind, and Paramore, One Direction is a collaborative group of musicians that each have different musical influences and ideas that have lead them to make their own type of uniquely crafted music. It is in their new video for “Dreaming” that we can get a full view of what Uncharted Shores is all about…

“Dreaming” is a song that captures an idea of a lost or desired romance that hasn’t yet occurred. We follow two lovers who may not even know each other yet as they walk through life wondering where their counterpart is. It is a phenomenal and touching notion that creates an essence of romance and sentimentality that is missing within most pop-rock music of today. However, the ease and fluidity of Uncharted Shores’s style and sound of music is inspirational and well thought out. There is a constant theme in which the song and video are centered on—the idea that fate stands hand in hand with true love. The song complements the video completely and the questions the scenes raise in regards to love are heartfelt and warm.

Like all rising artists, it is hard to completely stand out in an over-“pop”-ulated world of music. But it is clear that Uncharted Shores truly face in one direction; their music creates powerfully driven rock chords while the lyrics that are being sung carry emotional yet beautifully crafted words that set forth an immense amount of meaning. “Dreaming” is a video that stands for all that Uncharted Shores is, and HIP Video Promo is excited to be working with such talented musicians! For more information on Uncharted Shores and their new video for “Dreaming,” contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com .