Vanity Wyze ft. Sonny King “Stayed Down”

Vanity Wyze ft. Sonny King
“Stayed Down”
Directed by Sonny King
Music For Love International
Add date – 6/3/2022

About Vanity Wyze

Through molding his approach to rap based on the unique stylings of the North and South, Vanity Wyze is forging his name in the industry. His music is defined by his come-up and the memorable lessons that have contributed to his success. Amongst his many accomplishments, Vanity Wyze released his full-length LP of 10 tracks, Vanity before Wyze, in March 2022. Now a professional recording artist, Vanity Wyze works full-time, side-by-side with legendary Sonny King at Musicbykinginc & Music for Love International charity and record label. With records spanning TV, film, and video games, the artist brings versatility and a new edge to the rap scene.

About the video

Anytime Vanity Wyze and Sonny King collaborate, they are sure to create a hit record. Their song “I Won’t Miss” became a soundtrack feature on NBA 2K and the music behind the James Harden highlight film of 2021. Now, the duo is heating up the rap scene with their track “Stayed Down,” which blends Vanity Wyze’s lyrical intensity with Sonny King’s expert production. “Stayed Down” was featured on the soundtrack to Lizzo’s hit TV show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which also featured Lizzo herself and stars like Cardi B, Missy Elliott, Latto, DJ Khaled, DMX, Mariah Carey, and more. The track is a breezy, feel-good, and compelling take on their grind to stardom. It’s an inspiring anthem to help you stay focused on what matters most to you. The music video was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina, and features the rappers sporting the jersey of Melo Ball (of the Charlotte Hornets) and chilling in a Carolina blue Slingshot and hanging around iconic buildings like the Bank of America stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. Let Vanity Wyze and Sonny King’s inspirational track be the fuel to achieving your dreams.

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