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February 7, 2007



Hello dear programming friends! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo bringing you a unique opportunity to take a look at what makes one of the hottest new bands on the North American musical landscape tick. As you might expect from a band named after the mystic vintage motorbike that slashed a trail through Hunter S. Thompson’s fiction, The Vincent Black Shadow makes music that’s sleek, energetic, often stylishly retro, and always at least a little dangerous. The Vancouver quartet draws inspiration from sources that most bands don’t even know about, let alone incorporate into modern rock mixes: noir soundtracks, early 20th century cabaret, pre-bop jazz, contemporary Asian pop. Lest you worry that you’re about to get an overly arty project, rest assured that Fear’s In The Water, their blistering debut for Bodog, demonstrates considerable knowledge of Eighties alt-metal and contemporary Eurotrash as well.

Fear is garage-y, trashy, and reminiscent of The Cramps at their carnivalesque best. “Metro”, the group’s best-known single, was added to Fuse TV’s rotation – and quickly became the #1 song on the “Oven Fresh” and “Guilty Pleasure” programs! (It’s also been used in the independent film Feast). As expressive lead vocalist Cassandra Ford spits a staccato melody over the top of the mixes, the rest of the group locks in behind her. They play with a tightness and mutual familiarity that might strike a casual listener as downright uncanny – until he checks the liner notes and notices that they’re actually related! The brothers Kirkham – Chris, Anthony and Rob – rock the bass, drums, and lead guitar respectively.

The Shadow has created a stage show that’s as colorful as their sources. They’ve shared stages with Joan Jett and Snow Patrol, among other luminaries. Last summer, they strutted their stuff on the Pink Stage of the Warped Tour, playing at all 50 stops. In the autumn, they streaked across Europe and co-headlined the Bodog tour; in October, they played at the Popkomm Music Showcase. Their striking visual aesthetic hits at all of their influences: the sharp black-and-white suits of the bandmembers hint at ska and the speakeasies, and Ford herself is as comfortable in her burlesque-vamp persona as she is in headbanger’s clothing. With her pale skin, red hair, red lips, and movie-star curves, the frontwoman looks the part of a modern pop star; she captivates audiences, dominating every stage she graces.

We’re psyched about the opportunity to work together with the entire Bodog crew once again. The buzz has been heaped upon The Vincent Black Shadow, and if you’d like to catch up with the band for a video interview, they will be on tour all winter with Halifax, just drop us a line here at HIP and we’ll get you set up right away. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at

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