Waydown Wailers “Firefall”


Waydown Wailers
Directed by Morgan Elliott
Subcat Records
Add date – 5/12/2023

About Waydown Wailers

If you ever find yourself up in Syracuse, NY, keep an eye out for the Waydown Wailers. Strongholds of the Upstate Central New York music scene, the band was formed by brothers Dave and Christian Parker with Michael Scriminger, and they can rock alongside any act that rolls through town. Over the years, they’ve swooped fans opening for ZZ Top, Lady Antebellum, The Charlie Daniels Band, and more—acts ranging from blues to country to rock and anywhere in between. Playing exclusively original music off their three albums, the band combines the veteran skill and insights of brother Dave on guitar and vocals, Christian on B-Bender guitar, Michael Scriminger AKA Scruffy on drums, Joe Thomas on keys/guitar and vocals, and Connor Pelkey on bass. Look out for Waydown Wailers’ fourth studio album Miles of Roads, due out later this month!

About the “Firefall” video

A teaser for their upcoming album Miles of Roads, Waydown Wailers’ new single “Firefall” is the stuff of legends—literally. This menacing, distortion-heavy romp tells the story of Firefall State Park, near the band’s stomping grounds in Upstate New York. This land is said to send compasses haywire, adventurers tend to mysteriously go missing. Getting crafty with a talk box, B3 Hammond organ, and Christian’s good ol’ B-bender guitar, the band masterfully orchestrates an infectiously devious piece of rock n roll storytelling.

The music video for “Firefall,” directed by Morgan Elliot, continues the story left off at the end of Waydown Wailers’ last single, “Motor Scooter.” Instead of motorcycles, adventurers Joe and Dave roll up in their truck, seeking wisdom on hunting spots from an elder hunter. Disobeying the warning to go anywhere but Firefall, the pair stumble into trouble in the woods. No spoilers here but remember to keep an eye out for Motor Scooter’s hitchhiker, played by drummer Mike—he might have more to his story than expected!

Want more from Waydown Wailers and HIP Video Promo?

We are delighted to team up with Waydown Wailers once again to promote their “Firefall” music video! Thank you for considering adding it to your programming and online presentations. The new album Miles of Roads is due out later this month! For more information or if you’d like us to send some Waydown Wailers merch for contests and giveaways, reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.waydownwailers.com or http://facebook.com/waydownwailersband.

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