Wellingta “No Goodbyes”

“No Goodbyes”
Directed by Lutch Media
Ditto Music
Add date – 3/31/2023

We remember the ’90s as a golden age for R&B. We all know about the dazzling songwriting, the dance moves, the music videos and the fashion, the huge personalities and impeccable performances. But there’s another reason that R&B from the last decade of the 20th Century has lasted. It’s because artists and producers could integrate spiritual themes and gospel-derived sounds into their pop confections. The music had soul. Its practitioners had their eyes uplifted to heaven, even as they were shaking it on the dance floor.

About Wellingta and “No Goodbyes”

UK singer-songwriter Wellingta brings that sound back with “No Goodbyes,” a song that echoes the most irresistible hip-hop-R&B of the period. Superficially, it’s a party-starter: a sugar-spun melody over a club-ready beat, performed by a note-perfect singer with a golden voice. Surely she’s singing about the thrill of a romance? In a way, she is. But listen closer, though, and you’ll discern a different sort of message. “No Goodbyes” is a love song to God and a statement of devotion and trust from an artist who invests everything she sings with utter conviction. She’s making her faith manifest, and if you surrender to the rhythm, you might find yourself catching the spirit, too.

Or you might just sing and dance along. That’s appropriate, too. From the beginning of her celebrated career, Wellingta has made records that harmonize the spiritual and the physical — songs with thoughtful statements embedded in their fiery grooves. Her prior singles, like the slow-burning 2021 underground hit “Be True,” put her deep understanding of R&B history on bold display. Because she’s an artist who has never wasted a single idea, the Berlin-born singer and songwriter draws strength and inspiration from her experiences and background. Island sweetness, tropical thunder, American Neo-soul, European synth-disco, the emotional heft of church music: it’s all there in her unforgettable recordings.

About the video

Wellingta is also a radiant screen presence, and the Lutch Media-directed clip for “No Goodbyes” keeps the camera fixed on the star as she makes her way around the grand and gorgeous Rivoli Ballroom – the only 1950s ballroom remaining intact in London. If it looks familiar, there’s a reason for that: stars like Tina Turner, Elton John, Oasis, Florence + the Machine, Kings of Leon, Lana del Rey, and Noel Gallagher have filmed music videos and live sets at the Rivoli Ballroom. The clip plays up the contrast between the artist’s surroundings and her fresh style. It’s a visual metaphor for her career and the music she makes — she’s a jolt of lightning, enlightening and electrifying a traditional style. When she finds her way to the ballroom, she’s joined by a group of male dancers who share her grace, echo her steps, and amplify her message. 

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