Wray "Bad Heart"

Justin Gaar
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March 4, 2015


For their previous offering “Apacheria,” Wray soaked us in psychedelic colors and lighting that elevated their self-described POWER-GAZE sound to a whole new level. The Birmingham, AL trio, part of the Communicating Vessels roster has been busy on the back of the success of “Apacheria.” Touring the US, regular rotation on mtvU programming, and a slew of positive press for their self-titled new album have all followed close behind.

This time around with the new video for “Bad Heart” they’ve dispatched the dark rooms and psychadelic lights, stepping out into the scorching sun of the western US desert. But despite the setting, they are always crafting the perfect visual compliment to their sound that isn’t afraid to revel in repetition, churning (like butter) confident, seamless grooves firmly in the tradition of NEU!, Faust, or Can.

The video begins with a mysterious pair of all-black leather-clad bikers speeding through the dry, flat and dusty landscape of the arid western US. As the scan the horizon they find multiple reflections to hunt down, approaching each and absorbing a beaming light into their chests. Eventually they unleash the stored up energy and break through a portal to another dimension. A new crop of characters are introduced in this black and white, sepia-infused dimension. It’s all coming to a head as the bikers have what these mystery folks want, so keep your eyes on the screen and enjoy the fireworks!

We’re very excited to once again be working with the Communicating Vessels family to bring you what may be their best offering yet! We would love to hook you up with all things Wray, including copies of the new album, so please get in touch! You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.CommunicatingVessels.net/ and www.Facebook.com/WrayMusic/ for more info.

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