You Scream I Scream “High Maintenance” & “Rokin’ Out”

You Scream I ScreamArtist:
Spookie Daly
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August 9, 2010


Greetings, programmers! Here at HIP, we’ve got another double-dose serving of videos from one more much-lauded musical act. This time around, it comes in the form of indie-pop favorites You Scream I Scream and their pair of videos, “High Maintenance” and “Rokin’ Out.”

If the name of this band sounds a bit familiar to you, it should. It wasn’t too long ago – last fall, to be exact – that we promoted another clip from this New England band. Of course, we’re talking about the memorable clip for “Dog,” helmed by You Scream I Scream’s go-to director Spookie Daly. He has brought his creativity forward once again with “High Maintenance” and “Rokin’ Out”, and we’re confident you will be tempted to check out these two new vids.

Unlike most directors, Daly keeps it light and playful when it comes to the cinematic experience of today’s music videos. And unlike most indie bands, You Scream I Scream is well aware of the type of talent that they have without taking themselves too seriously. When you watch “High Maintenance” and “Rokin’ Out,” you’ll see that this is an unstoppable pairing. And while the videos are quite different from one another, they’re must-sees on their own accords. Like with the “High Maintenance” video, for instance, all three band members of You Scream I Scream are in their own actor/actress persona, walking the red carpet and getting screamed at by fans and paparazzi as they make their way to their film screening. It’s not all glitz and glam in this alternate universe for the crew of You Scream I Scream. Though the black and white film in which the band stars chronicles a fatal love triangle, it’s the individual “actors” themselves that attracts the attention of the audience. There’s keyboardist Omer Shemesh making out with his significant other in the middle of the movie while vocalist/bassist/guitarist Floyd Kellogg falls asleep watching his own scenes and drummer Audrey Sterk looks a little worse for the wear. The audience is in an uproar over this behavior, and it’s a red carpet film screening gone terribly wrong.

“Rokin’ Out” tells a bit of a story as well – albeit a totally humorous one. This time, Kellogg and Sterk take on the personas of a messy couple enjoying themselves a little too much at the breakfast table. The behavior of Kellogg is questionable when he first flashes a neighbor who innocently comes over to borrow some eggs. The next person at the door is Shemesh dressed up as a mailman who is delivering a package to Sterk with a C.O.D. While Sterk is fetching for cash to pay for the package, an unexpected twist occurs when Shemesh and Kellogg engage in a passionate kiss that leads to some kitchen table affection. Needless to say, when Sterk comes back, her jaw is on the floor.

The ridiculous nature of the synth-filled “Rokin’ Out” balances well with the pseudo-dramatic “High Maintenance” with its mellow melody. It’s this kind of balance that You Scream I Scream has perfected and has made them a standout among the music elite, like Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States. Ballew even noted that the band has “this kind of sparkle that should be mandatory for all peoples of the world.” You can check out what Ballew is referring to in You Scream I Scream’s debut CD, Bug In A Light, which was released last year and includes “Dog,” “High Maintenance” and “Rokin’ Out.”

We cannot contain our excitement over the fact that we are once again working with You Scream I scream and director Spookie Daly. If you’d like to get your hands on some copies of Bug In A Light, feel free to drop us a line, we’re happy to hook it up! If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more info about You Scream I Scream.

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