Yunginced “Time”

Directed by Anael Jeannis
Add date – 6/29/2021

About Yunginced

When you’re a new independent artist entering the music world for the first time, it could be intimidating. Finding your place and really owning it doesn’t come instantly. Once in a while, you stumble upon an artist that feels like they’ve been around forever – like Yunginced. Having just graduated high school, Caleb Étienne Dickson is only one album into the music world, and he’s already making it his own. The “C.E.D.” was added as an acronym for his real name. The 18-year-old Portland,Oregon native already has the energy and confidence of the great hip-hop icons that have come before him. His sound has been uniquely polished to fit Yunginced’s style, and it’s already addicting. He’s wasted no time in introducing music listeners to the wild world of Yunginced, and he’s holding nothing back.

About “Time”

The song “Time” is a clean-cut, quick-witted, upbeat hip hop song that makes every listener bob their head. The leading single off of his debut album Yung King Mentality is catchy, intelligently thought-out, and packed with amazing energy. The lyrics play out like a life lesson on time. The words “time is of the essence” play throughout the song like a constant reminder not to take time for granted. It’s a song about living in the moment, and Yunginced tells us precisely what he plans to do with his time. He’s going to use his time to perfect his craft and focus on being the best artist he can be. The song is also a reminder to be aware of the negativity that can waste your time and remove you from your goalsIt’s an important lesson every listener can take away from and a reminder that we all need.

About the video

The video for “Time” is a head-first dive into the colorful new world of Yunginced. The video starts with his younger self running through the downtown streets when he abruptly falls. From there, time moves full speed ahead, with Caleb perched on his throne surrounded by the vibrant graffiti walls. Caleb then takes us to high school, where he recalls his days on the football field and the basketball court. He stays face to face with the camera as he spits his rhymes, and the background around him constantly changes. The video ends with Caleb tapping his watch and revealing a painting of the very same imagery. Yunginced has become one of the best artists to watch, and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to next.

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